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Parc de l'Espanya Industrial ( "Park of the Industrial Spain." - cat) under his not very attractive title conceals, actually, many beauties and wonderful places for walking and recreation. There is a lovely pond, where you can go boating, a huge metal sculpture of a dragon, which children use as a hill, gazonchiki sunny and comfortable cool shade, so as not to burn out at noon.

Park Espanya Industrial represents green zone, surrounded on several sides by concrete steps in the form of an amphitheater, and almost half of the territory is occupied by the pond. On the steps of several towers are located offshore lighthouses. Although the park is located in one of the most industrialized areas of Barcelona, Sants Railway Station, for its beauty and comfort is not inferior to his Barcelona colleagues. This is a true island of freshness and tranquility between the bustling streets and highways Collblanc Tarragona. The pond in the park lives a whole family of ducks, and in the center stands a statue of Neptune, erected at the end of 19 century. For everyone here Boat rentals. Besides, the park will fit even a small forest with banana trees.

In addition to the old Neptune statue in the park of the Industrial Spain, there are several beautiful sculptures, transported here from the World Trade 1929 of the year, which took place near the Plaza de España. The main figure of the park - it, of course, huge metal dragon, erected by the sculptor Andrés Nagel of the Basque Country. Its dimensions are indeed impressive: 32 meters in width, 12 meters in height and weighing 150 тонн! Играющие в парке дети с удовольствием выполняют главную задумку мастера и используют железного монстра как просто горку.

Park named obliged textile factory, which appeared here in 1947 in upper Raval. In the second half 20 century factory was closed and sold the land to the City of, and are equipped with wonderful park here. In the park are still preserved industrial buildings, which are now being hosted several sports centers.

Address: From. mounted, 37
Metro station: Sants Station
Working hours: The park is open from 10 a.m. to 9 pm in summer, in winter - to 19:00

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