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"Creative burgers, recipes are changed weekly ", - This is the main concept of the new burgernoy Maillard in Barcelona's Les Corts. Her master Danny Rojo comes to the culinary creative process as much as possible, daily referring to burgernym muses for inspiration, then proceed to the combination of unusual ingredients, giving birth to real masterpieces of flavor.

The only problem, is the fact, if you like a certain burger, is unlikely to succeed is to try the same again. You just have to rely on luck and come here, knowing, what can you expect even more delicious and unusual burger, than before. for example, it can be a burger from the highest quality beef with marmalade with goat cheese and beet, or beef, baba ghanoush and homemade sauce of yogurt, or a variant of chicken with onion and brie cheese kalsots. Among the additives commonly used homemade hummus, lemongrass sauce, avocado, sharp cheddar sauce, caramelized in red wine, onions, etc..

In the menu there is always a vegetarian option. In addition, there tasty beer and homemade pies for dessert.

B Ham Ham BBurger
Address: Street Ecuador, 47
Metro station: Entença
Phone: +34 930 244 078
Working hours:

Every day except Sunday and Monday with 13-00 to 16-00, in the evening from 20-30 to 23-00

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