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Barcelona is not only sea, the sun, Gaudi architecture, wine, ham and delicious seafood. Barcelona, this, of course, screaming fans, bright T-shirts Messi, Camp Nou Stadium and super strong emotions from the presence in the game, where they play your favorite players. Football in Barcelona - a religion, which enjoys the infinite love of folk. It is difficult to imagine the Catalan culture without football. For local residents, football serves as an energy source and the reason for the many hours of discussions. Watch this side - a real pleasure.

FC Barcelona was founded in 1898 in upper Raval, and throughout its history the club can boast of such players, how Maradona, Cruyff or Romario. Now here is playing the best football player in the history of football, Lionel Messi, along with the Spanish Busquets, Iniesta and Pique. Do not miss the opportunity to see live one of the best football teams in the world, Chapter C t Ernest Valverde.

The epicenter of football in Barcelona - Camp Nou Stadium, which can accommodate up to a hundred thousand cheering fans, creating a unique atmosphere and incomparable experience. He regularly to overflow, so not everyone can get to the coveted podium. match, "El Classico" is particularly appreciated, rivalry between the two strongest of Spanish football clubs - "Barcelona" and Madrid "Real".

The most popular souvenir from Barcelona - a club-shirt Local team. After the Sagrada Familia the most visited museum in Barcelona - Camp Nou Stadium. If you love football and want to visit a match at Camp Nou stadium, Write to us or vatsapp +34 675 323 976 and we will help you choose the perfect tickets are too expensive, and with the best location in the stadium.

If you want to enjoy football, We recommend places on the central rostrum above 2 tier. If you want to feel the full beauty and power of the stadium - choose 3 tier in one of the corner regions. And always check, Does not match the date moved, as it happens, on the day before or after the appointed.

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King Camp Nou Cup Final
Metro station: Les Corts
Phone: +34675323976
Музей FC Barcelona C / Aristides Mallol s / n

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