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Wok Barcelona Двухэтажный ресторан находится между метро и Urgell Sant Antoni. Through its glass walls can be seen at once - empty is not the case. In addition to fresh seafood, and all woks standard set of rolls, sushi, noodles, rice, fish and vegetables in Wok Barcelona you can enjoy these very nevokovye plyuda, like paella, Stuffed eggplant and pasta bolognese.

The space here and orgomnoe, perhaps, if it would be the third floor, he, too, would be occupied by lovers of good and plenty to eat. In Wok Barcelona is always a lot of Chinese, that such place is the best indicator of the quality and taste. It is better to come during the week - and fewer people hunt for prawns do not have to.

The choice of dishes in Wok Barcelona is impressive as well, as space. The menu here, in addition to Japanese and Chinese cuisine, We collected all the charm of the Mediterranean and even the table. Salads, paella, stuffed eggplant, asparagus with bacon, tofu in breading, potato patties, pasta bolognese, oysters, snails, crabs, shrimp, sepia, steaks, a hen, various vegetables and mushrooms. Sometimes there is even a lobster and frog legs. For dessert, there are a refrigeration ice cream, fresh fruits, chocolate cake or flan. And all this, as accepted, on a buffet.

At lunch, all this joy will cost you 9,50 €, evening - 12,50 €, and on weekends 14,50 €. Besides, Wok Barcelona offers an hour of free parking for its guests. But who would want to leave this paradise of gluttony in an hour!

Average check: €€
Address: Carrer del Comte d'Urgell, 46-48
Metro station: San Antoni, Urgell
Working hours: Every day from 1230 a.m. to 1630 and 2030 a.m. to 00:00

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