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Labyrinth Park - one of the oldest and most mysterious parks of the Catalan capital. For unexplained reasons, it is not included in all the guidebooks or different "MUST B" Barcelona. Neither route two-storey Touristik bass through it does not pass. So you will not see here vsefotografiruyuschih Chinese-speaking and hear calls "dear friends, look to the left". Instead - the peace and quiet of the old manor and its mysterious labyrinth.

Construction began in the maze 1791 , commissioned by the family of the estate owners Desvalls. They invited the best French and Italian masters and began designing gardens. The park is located on the mountain, so all of its territory is divided into lower, middle and upper zone. The maze is located in the lower part of the park consists of a hedge of cypresses long 750 meters, and height - 2,5 m. At the entrance to the maze playfully placed a marble god of love Eros.

At first glance it may seem that the maze itself is small. Но не поддавайтесь обманчивым впечатлениям, заблудиться здесь проще простого! Кстати, советуем вам приезжать в этот парк летом, когда деревья уже успели полностью распуститься и позеленеть, а остальные растения – расцвести буйным цветом. It was at this time of the maze, and the park itself as a whole, the most impressive. And do not fear the heat of summer, secluded villages with a shadow to hide from the sun, there is enough for all.

The spirit of romance in the park is literally everywhere: secluded gazebo in the Italian style, the pavilion dedicated to the nine Muses, abandoned pond, waterfall, humpbacked bridges across the channel, which is called "Romantic". Channel, by the way, leads to a small island. Guess name for yourself, of course, is the "Island of Love"!

Probably, here come the inspiration for poets and artists Barcelona. Do not bypass, by the way, this is the place and movie directors. In our 2006 It was filmed here episodes of the film "Perfume", and 2011 - American horror film 11-11-11. Probably, if you dare and get here at night, you can really feel like a hero of the mysterious horror, lost in the maze ozhivshem.

Barcelona Labyrinth Park Bust 2 Garden Of Boixos
Address: Pg Brown, 1
Metro station: can
Working hours: During the summer, the park is open every day from 10 a.m. to 9 pm, and in winter - from 10 a.m. to 6 evening
entrance fee: 2,23 €, on Wednesdays and Sundays free €

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