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Every year more and more healthy food restaurants open in Barcelona. It´s not just a modern trend anymore, but the result of a change in people´s mind-set.. People start caring more about their health and working out, they do detox diets and learn more about the nutritious properties of food..

Restaurant Petit Brot is located on Doctor Dou street, full of trendy fashion shops and restaurants. This street is very popular among Barcelona fashionistas; perhaps, it´s the most beautiful street of the upper Raval. Words RAW, BIO and ECO are looking at you through the window, beautiful interior invites you to come inside.

The owners of the cafe Laura and Ales stopped eating animal products a couple of years ago exchanging them for healthy lifestyle and raw food diet. They sprout seeds themselves, adding them in juices and shakes for their guests. All juices are cold-pressed which helps to preserve 100% of essential vitamins and nutrients. All drinks are prepared in the moment.

During the day you can have lunch menu that includes starter, main course and dessert for 15,95 €. Main dishes vary from bolongesa zoodles, cauliflower cous cous with coconut and curry sauce, salad with sprouts, sauerkraut, vegetables and seeds, to many other raw food goodies. Juices and shakes are from 5 to 7 €, which is not very economical, but richness in vitamins and nutrients makes up for the price. Here you can also buy different types of vegetal milk, granola, chia pudding and plenty of other sweets prepared with great love and special care for your health .

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Average check: €€€
Address: carrer Doctor Dou, 10
Metro station: Liceu, University
Phone: +34 937 689 897
Working hours:

Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 20-00

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