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Наш ознакомительный тур по Барселоне берет начало на центральной площади Plaza Catalunya, откуда мы двигаемся на рынок Бокерия, which instantly awakens the appetite from a variety of flavors, colors and flavors. The owners of the family business in its fourth generation open fresh oysters for us, we eat, washing down seafood sparkling wine Cava.

After a gastronomic pause, we go in the Gothic Quarter, the most ancient and beautiful part of Barcelona. You will learn many interesting things about the history of the city and see places anturazhnye, where in the Middle Ages there were the great events of world importance. Barcelona Cathedral, First column Roman Temple, Jewish Quarter and other hidden corners and surprises. Our walk ends in the trendy Borne, not far from the beach, quarter, which is the perfect place for shopping, the original and delicious dinner.

During the tour we will share with you useful information about the city, с радостью покажем наши любимые заведения и поделимся “своей” Барселоной. Наша главная задача – подарить вам самые яркие впечатления и сделать ваш отдых незабываемым, ведь Барселона это город праздник, freedom of the city, радости и наслаждения, который пленит вас своей чудесной атмосферой!

Tour cost - 100 euros for a group of up to 3 guests. Четыре человека – 120 €. from 5 human - 150 €. duration 3 o'clock.

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Phone: +34675323976
Working hours:

Book tour in advance. Ideally, a couple of weeks

cost: 100 €
Boqueria Market Rambla, 91
Cathedral Plan Headquarters, s/n
The Jewish Quarter in Barcelona Square Manuel Ribé, s/n
Ancient synagogue Carrer de Marlet, 5, 08002
Square Plaza Real Plaça Reial 08002 Barcelona, Spain
Площадь St. Philip Neri Plaça Sant Felip Neri

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