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Fly, soar, swim in the air, wanting to take off over the edge of self-empowerment. Flying farther, higher, faster, immersed in clouds and emerges back. As it is great to see the world from above, they do not want to descend back to the ground ... "Flying Objects" invented many. Balloon - this is the beginning of the journey.

The feeling of flight, the contemplation of landscapes from a height, a smooth ride in an open space at an altitude of 1000 meters in a stream of weak wind, in the ringing silence, interrupted only by the quiet conversation, clink of glasses and the sound of the burner, is feeling anxious, causing the sinking of the heart, mixed with fear and delight.

Your journey begins early in the morning. Hot air balloon rides are organized near Barcelona, ​​and is possible only in the morning. If you wish, you can participate in the process of preparing for the flight of the ball, or just to see how the cloth lying on the ground is slowly turning into a wonderful flying machine, the size of a five-story building. The flight lasts about an hour. You will enjoy spectacular views of Catalonia - Montseny Natural Park and fly over the valley in Wick. You will also see the Pyrenees, the Mediterranean Sea and in good visibility even Barcelona. The route will be fully depend on the wind direction. After landing you a delicious traditional lunch with sparkling wine Cava and diplomas memory. The camera will not prevent capture during the flight can be made excellent staff.

During the kooporativov possible to place your company logo on the balloon.

Although absolute safety, the flight is not permitted to children under 6 years. With strong wind and rain, the flight will be rescheduled for another day. The girls do not recommend to wear shoes with heels. At the height will not be particularly cold, winter jackets quite normal, since the burner lifting the ball perfectly warms. In summer, we recommend you use sunblock.

Cost of flight:

BASKET FOR YOU: If you want a romantic flight for two or withdraw cart is your group of friends (max. 7 people), such a flight will cost 650 €. This is a great plan - to gather the company of friends and go to the conquest of the skies.

BASKET GROUP: If you are ready to join the group, the flight will cost 150 EUR per person. Maximum people in the basket - 7.

Included in the price: flight, which lasts about 60 minutes, delivery you on a comfortable bus to the venue of the flight (meeting 7 morning at Plaza Catalunya near the Hard Rock Cafe) and the subsequent return to the center, a typical Catalan breakfast, sparkling wine Cava and a diploma in memory.

Hot Air Balloon 00388889
Address: Catalonia Square, 21
Metro station: Catalonia
Phone: +34 675 323 976
Working hours:

Meeting point in front of Hard Rock Cafe in 7 in the morning.

cost: 150 €

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