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The Jewish community of Barcelona - one of the oldest in Europe, the first mention of which dates back to the IX century. n. e. In the XIII century it became the most wealthy and influential community in Spain, there was a center of Jewish scholarship. At this time, the rest of Europe were in full persecution of Jews. Before Catalunya this wave reached only 1391 year, when the massacre and Barcelona Jewish Quarter «El Call» was closed. Persecution 1391 the year ended with the murder 400 Jews and forced baptism of all the others, except for a few who managed to escape. After the unification of Spain, 1492 It was started the Inquisition, and the remaining Jews were expelled from the kingdom.

If you want to walk around the old Jewish quarter of Barcelona called El Kohl, head towards the old town, the maze of narrow alleys, where everything is steeped in antiquity and magic of the past, you can see and feel how the Jewish community lived in the Middle Ages. Главная улица еврейского квартала называется Rue Saint-Dominique, так же обязательно прогуляйтесь по улицам Sant Honorat Sant Sever, Baixada de Santa Eulalia Carrer del Call, Carrer de Marlet и Banys Nous.

The word "El Call", which is called the Jewish Quarter, is translated as "little street" or "lane". There is really very narrow streets, which are still perfectly preserved medieval atmosphere. In Sant Domenec street was the main synagogue and the houses of the most important members of the community, are also housed the main gate to enter the quarter.

On a small square called Placeta de Manuel Ribé, is the center of the Jewish community, as well as the museum quarter El Call. Located in an old building of the XV century, known as Alchemist's House or the House of the Rabbi, it is one of the few buildings of the quarter whose original details remain intact.

The Museum of the History of the Jewish Quarter of Barcelona presented daily use items XIII and XIV centuries, including dishes with Hebrew characters, Hanukkah, illuminated manuscript facsimile of the Sarajevo Bastards with scenes of the XV century and two tombstones with inscriptions in Hebrew. There are lectures by leading experts of Hebrew history and culture, tasting Catalan-Jewish cuisine, Jewish stories session and summer schools.

For the organization of the pedestrian or led tours of the Jewish Quarter of Barcelona, ​​please contact

Address: Manuel Ribé Square, s / n
Metro station: Liceu, Jaume I
Phone: +34 932 562 122
Working hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11-00 to 14-00, Saturday and Sunday 11-00 to 19-00
entrance fee: 2,20 € €

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