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In Barcelona opened many tattoo parlors. The main thing in any of these establishments, the degree of skill of artists working here. Talent master fully reflected in your skin, to subsequently nothing to regret, We encourage access only absolute professionals.

for example, for quality tattoos can go to the salon Barcelona Electric, located in Borne near the Arc de Triomphe, where the master Javier Castaño works, one of the best tattooists city, specializing in the Japanese style. No one else in Barcelona, ​​do not you will stuff more beautiful carp, Geisha and dragon. The power of imagination, multiplied by a lot of experience and skills of Javier, create work, full force and expression.

The second is called the Salon Aloha Tattoo and it is located in the Gothic Quarter near Plaza Real Square. It was opened by the actor El Monga, which fills in vintage retro style. Along with him in the cabin works three masters, on the skills that you can rely on. The cost depends on the size of the tattoo. But the average price of a work of 200 And up to € beskonchnosti.


-Aloha Tattoos, Credit passage 8, Liceu. From Monday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 20-30.

-Barcelona Electric, улица New Portal, 29, Arch TRIOMPH метро или Urquinaona

If you have already decided, and you know, what kind of tattoo you want, we suggest you contact to the master Analía Zárate. In this Argentinian girl beautiful technique, very fine lines, shade and beautiful smooth transitions from one tone to another. Author's figures in this wizard on the fan, advised to contact it has with its own thumbnail on hands.

Make an appointment by phone +34 626 282 215 (English or Spanish).

Aloha Tattoos Rotor Finerats
Working hours: From Monday to Saturday 11-00 to 20-30

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