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Museu Marítim (Maritime Museum) - one of the most fascinating places in Barcelona. Here, in a historic building Naval Shipyard, securely rests all the power and luxury of bygone royal flotilla Spain. medieval sailboats, war galleys, the famous "Santa Maria", which successfully brought Columbus to America, old submarine, and even the first atlases Amerigo Vespucci - the word "unique" for this collection is too weak.

The museum building itself is a real monument of history, It was built in 1283 in upper Raval. Then it housed the Royal Shipyards. FROM 18 century, they were used as military depots and barracks, and by the middle 20 century here already suffered Maritime Museum, which with 1929 year located at the Nautical School. Today the museum is one of the largest in Europe.

A special pride of the collection - a copy of the famous galley "Real", who participated in the Battle of Lepanto 16 century. Galera took pride of place in the heart of the shipyard, that gives visitors an excellent opportunity to thoroughly examine it from all sides. And look there is something: the powerful oars, the decoration bow, impressive pattern finish, thread abundance, covered with gold, and a spectacular bow figure - king Spain has always loved parade.

In addition to this masterpiece in the museum are many other unique items: ranging from simple fishing boats and three-masted "Santa Maria", where Christopher Columbus discovered America, and ending with majestic handsome sailboats. From the first naval ships to modern Mediterranean liners. Besides, Museum owns one of the world's finest collections of nautical charts - some of them are such rarities, how Atlas Amerigo Vespuchchi, published in 1493 in upper Raval. A separate room is a collection of shpironnyh figures - sculptures, adorned in ancient times the bow.

At the exit of the museum stands a model of old submarine, be sure to look inside through the window. We will not spoil the surprise and tell, what did you see there, warn lishy, that is especially nerve may even cry. After the main exposition of the museum do not forget to walk to the old sailboat, which launched in the port. This is also part of the museum, you can climb to the deck, see the cabins and even lie on the sailor bunks.

511b Barcelona Museo Maritimo 0800870a
Address: Of. Drassanes s / n
Metro station: Drassanes
Working hours: The museum is open every day, except Monday, in summer with 10 a.m. to 20:30, in winter - to 17:30. Saturday opens with 14:00.
entrance fee: Admission is 12 €, preferential - 7 €, on Sunday after 15:00 - free €

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