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Great Pablo Picasso left a rich legacy of his masterpieces are kept in museums around the world. The Picasso Museum in Barcelona has one of the largest collections of famous artists.

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona (cat. Museu Picasso) - one of the three (along with Paris and antibskim) the main museums of the artist, which opened in 1963, in his collection are stored mostly early works of the author, created from 1895 by 1904 years.

The museum was established on the basis of the city donated a large collection of artistic secretary and friend of Pablo Picasso, Jaime Sabartesa. It is located in the Gothic mansion Berenguer d'Agilara (XV century) on the street Montcada and is famous for its ancient courtyards. To date, the permanent collection includes more than 3800 works. The collection was a thousand paintings, which were kept in Barcelona from the artist's parents. There is a picture related to the "blue period", school and academic work. The most important among them - it is the first two major works by the artist: "First Communion" and "Science and Charity". The collection includes portraits and paintings of the later period of creativity. Also in the museum you can find work 1917 year when Picasso came to Barcelona with his fiancee Olga Khokhlova and Diaghilev's troupe. But then comes a long break in the museum in 40 years - to a series of 44 paintings "Las Meninas" , interpretation of the famous works of Velazquez.

Scenic section concludes with a few scattered works of later years. In addition to the painting in the museum has a large collection of ceramics 1947-1965 s (gift Jacqueline Picasso) and a remarkable collection of printed graphics.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, the museum organizes temporary exhibitions. Many of them are devoted to Picasso and his life, others to different periods of his work. Also conducted and general art exhibitions devoted to different artists and styles that influenced the formation of the history of art.
Picasso was born in Malaga 25 October 1881 year, and he died in Cannes 1973. His special relationship with Barcelona Picasso explains: "Here (in Barcelona) it all started ... this is where I realized that I can achieve".

Pablo showed early talent for drawing. Already with 7 years, he learned from his father the art of drawing, which first commissioned him to build upon the legs of pigeons in his paintings. But one day, entrusting thirteen Pablo finish pretty big still life, he was so impressed with his son techniques that, according to legend, he gave up painting.

In the years of trips between Paris and Barcelona (1901-04) account so-called "blue period" Picasso: Master in the palette is dominated by shades of blue. For paintings of this period are characterized by images of poverty, sadness and melancholy (Picasso thought - "who is sad, he is sincere.) In the next period, known as the" pink "appear friendship scene, admiring the beauty of the naked body. The product of the transition period - from "blue" to "pink" - "Girl on the ball".

In our 1908-09 Picasso, together with F. Braque, influencing each other, developing a new style - Cubism. The most significant of his works of this period are "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" 1907, "Guitar and Violin" 1913, "Portrait of a Girl" 1914.

In our 1925 year begins one of the most complex and irregular periods in Picasso's works. He is influenced by surrealism. Picasso creates an atmosphere of hysteria and convulsions, hallucinations, surreal world that can be explained, in part, the influence of surrealist poets, manifested in some drawings, poems, written in 1935. For several years, the imagination of Picasso, it seemed, could only create monsters, some torn apart beings ( "Seated Bather" 1929), Yelling ( "Woman in an armchair" 1929), Inflated to absurd and formless ( "Bather", drawing, 1927) Or embody the metamorphic and aggressive-erotic images ( "Figures by the sea" 1931). Despite the somewhat quieter works that are in terms of the most significant scenic, stylistically it was a very changeable period ( "The Girl in the mirror" 1932).

Написанные небрежно холсты «позднего Пикассо» представляют любимые им сцены: художник и модель, образы античной мифологии, натюрморты, цирковые мотивы и мотивы боя быков; часто он обращается к женскому портрету.

Picasso had a tremendous influence on artists of all countries, becoming the most famous master in the art 20 century.

Interesting Facts :

-Full name Picasso consists of 22 слов (Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano Holy Trinity Martyr Patricio Ruiz and Picasso).

-The first word of a small Picasso was the word "pencil".

-When in 1911 was stolen Mona Lisa painting, Picasso was questioned by police as a suspect.

-The first exhibition by Picasso took place in the backyard umbrella shop.

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Address: Street Moncada, 15-23
Metro station: Jaume I, Arc de Triomphe
Working hours: The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday 9 a.m. to 7 pm, on Thursday to 21:30
entrance fee: museum + temporary exhibitions - € 14 discount * - € 7,50, temporary exhibitions - € 6,50, grace - € 4,50 * Face up 25, pensioners, the unemployed, large families. Free entrance: every Sunday 15.00, first Sunday of the month- whole day €

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