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The history of Barcelona from its inception to the present day is so vast, multifaceted and rich, that it can not fit in several rooms of the museum standard. That is why the Museum is a unique MUHBA, since it exhibits is not only ancient objects, exposed for shop windows, but entire architectural structures, monasteries and even the excavation of an ancient underground city.

It began the history of the museum 1931 in upper Raval, when the Gothic Quarter at Plaza del Rei area remnants of an ancient Roman settlement were found Barsino, founded more than two thousand years ago. Anyone can go on a mysterious journey in time, down to the very origins of the history of Barcelona, enjoy the unique ruins of the ancient city, where fragments of walls remained, Roadway, Roman baths, traces of this water and even an ancient sewage system. You will also see room for making wine, dyeing of fabrics and salting fish. The area around the underground city 4000 quarter. m. Dishes, furniture, ornamentation, coins and other finds were moved to the museum halls.

The main building of the museum and the office are located directly above the excavation, в готическом дворце Casa Clariana-Padellàs, which was built at the end of the XV century. Here you can see a permanent exhibition of the museum and buy a ticket to the underground historical and archaeological complex with an audio guide in Russian.

Among the main building exhibits tens of thousands of objects, related traditions, social life, culture and lifestyle of the ancient inhabitants of Barcelona. The museum exhibits sculptures and pottery, collection of Roman portraits, which were found during excavations, Jewish and Roman inscriptions, engravings, weapon, medals and furniture. Different materials cover a great period in the history of Barcelona - from the Neolithic to the present day.

After visiting the Roman ruins do not forget to go to the Royal Palace, where there is a chapel Santa Àgata and vaulted ceremonial hall Saló del Tinell with arches of the XIV century. It holds temporary exhibitions and more modern. The hall Tinel Christopher Columbus said Kings Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon on, he discovered America.

77 Yeagov C 1 1000×667
Address: King's Square
Metro station: Jaume I
Phone: +34 932 562 100
Working hours: Co Tuesday to Sunday 10 a.m. to 19-00
entrance fee: 7 € €

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