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Pasta Bar - a real macaroni oasis in the heart of the Gothic style in two steps from the Rambla. The institution operates on the principle of "create your own pasta itself". Design simple, do not worry, all 3 step: choose the type of pasta, sauce and ingredients. The paste is prepared right in front of you, even on the most complex leaves no more 10 minutes. The true salvation for the hungry party-goers, Pasta Bar is open until the morning, and the portions are huge.

This is a wonderful place on the street Escudellers discovered the true pastomany. There are all kinds of basics that only the Italians came up from the usual spaghetti and penne until spinach ravioli and gnocchi. Ingredients svezhayschie all, a good selection of Italian cheeses. But the defining ingredient, sauce, beyond praise. Pesto, bolognese, gorgonzola, cream cheese, carbonara and many others. If you are suddenly taken aback by the abundance of species, there is always already proven toothpaste season.

In addition, the Pasta Bar menu offers salads and a delicious dessert tiramisu. On average, the pasta leaves in the area 8 €. In the afternoon there is a comprehensive lunch menu of soup or salad and a choice of pasta. Lunch will cost you 9 €.

Crock Pot Ravioli 2
Average check: €€
Address: Escudellers, 47
Metro station: Liceu
Working hours: Pasta Bar is open all days of the week 12: 00 to 01:00

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