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In the small Catalan town of Figueres, that in one and a half hours by car from Barcelona, It is a museum of surrealism genius Salvador Dali. Dali is one of the most famous and outstanding personalities in the world art scene. This screwball, maestro shocking, who helped develop the creative hypostasis fatal Gala Russian origin. Figueres is the birthplace of Salvador, where he was in old age decides to open the theater-museum of his own project.

Visiting the museum is always causes a storm of emotions, it is surreal and mystical maze, where every visitor feels a little crazy and out of touch with reality. The idea was a success: the museum-theater is a mysterious monolith, combines several architectural styles, concealing many secrets and reveals shocking inner world of the artist. To each, who enters the museum in Figueres, have to take a fascinating journey through the world of fantasy Salvador Dali.

This museum houses the largest collection of his works of art from different periods. On the road to Figueres, we describe in detail about the life of Dali, We describe the brightest moments of the biography of the brilliant Catalan and discuss his unique creativity.

After the museum, we are waiting for the second Dali, exciting at least half trip, Visit Goroda Girona. On the way back to Barcelona should definitely drop in and take a walk in Girona. It is one of Spain's most beautiful cities, with beautifully preserved Old Town, Jewish quarter and lots of interesting legends and cozy corners.

In Girona we will see the Cathedral, We take a walk in places, where they filmed the TV series "Game of Thrones", We see the place, which he originated Kabbalah, We go through the first structure and the Eiffel try unusual ice cream from Michelin pastry Rock.

Cost of the tour group to 4 guests 300 €
. The price does not include entrance tickets to the Dali Museum. Book in advance on vatsapp +34 675 323 976

Dali1 museum
Phone: +34675323976

We will pick you up from your hotel in the morning by car

cost: 300 €

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