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Gemini Colombo, owner of one of the best in Barcelona Italian restaurants the Xemei, launched another fashion project in an old wine cellar building for wine lovers and gourmet. At one point, they combined a shop, a tasting bar and restaurant.

The bar Can Cisa you'll find about three hundred names of ecological and biodynamic wines from around the world, that this is the main feature of the establishment, here sell and serve wine only under the sign of quality "eco". This wine produced in small wineries from organically grown grapes. With his growing exclude the use of chemical fertilizers, pollinators, as well as any pesticides. For the production of ecologically pure grapes used alternative practices without the addition of sulfur dioxide. Try these wonderful drinks come the most famous sommeliers and oenologists. The cost of a glass of wine ranges from an average of 3,5 to 5 €.

Prepared with fresh, high quality products. However, the price is above average and the portions small. If you are accustomed to eating one's fill, you have to spend. In the menu there are oysters, foie gras, smoked Norwegian salmon, beef tartar, anchovies, ham with hot cheese, burrata, incredible bread with seeds and luxurious desserts. The average account for about 40 € per person.

The interior resembles a mix of French bistro and classic Italian tavern. Kosmopolitichnaya and neprinuzhdennaya atmosphere. There are two entrances from different streets, with street Princesa you get in through the wine bar and shop, and on the streets parallel to the lesser-known Barra de Ferro entrance directly into the restaurant.

2 Cancisa Restaurant
Average check: €€€
Address: Carrer Princesa, 14 и второй вход Street Bar Iron 1
Metro station: Jaume I
Phone: +34 933 199 881
Working hours: From Tuesday to Saturday 13-00 until the morning

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