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"But something happened, what was destined to happen - was Dali. Surrealist to the bone, driven by the Nietzschean "will to power", he proclaimed the unlimited freedom from any aesthetic or moral coercion, and said that you can go all the way up to the most extreme, extreme limits in any creative experiment without worrying about any consistency or continuity ".

Dali did not distinguish any individual aspects of life: all that come into contact with his surrealistic creativity, turned into something new. Dali did not do exceptions for anything: he wrote the love and the sexual revolution, history, society, technology, religion. Borders for him was not. Absolutely everything that represented the brush of a true surrealist, turned into a bizarre, previously unseen images.

Once, when a reporter asked Dali question: "What is Surrealism," he sounded his famous reply: "Surrealism - it is I!".

His passion was manifested in everything. The whole story of his life - an example of eternal love and passion. His name is a household favorite, symbolizing eternal love.

If you are on vacation in Barcelona or another Catalan town, be sure to get acquainted closer with the work and life of the great Salvador Dali. We suggest you to go on an amazing journey to the places where he lived and worked great screwball, one of the most brilliant and controversial Catalans of all times.

The day we visit the so-called "triangle of Dali," the three main places directly related to the life and work of the great artist: his fisherman's home and studio in the town of Port Lligat near Cadaqués, the museum in Figueres and the castle that Dali gave to his beloved in Pubol.

Dali Museum House in the bay of Port Lligat

Not far from the beautiful town of Cadaqués, in a small bay of the Mediterranean, is Port Lligat, which would remain forever abandoned the Catalan village, if in 1930 here I was not moved to Salvador Dali with his beloved Gala. Bought from a fishing widow of a small hut, which was the main advantage of the magnificent views, the lovers began to equip your home. It was here they were returning from any travel, lived here all 53 joint year.

Prytula one side to the steep shore, El Salvador and Gala Dali house resembles a box with a variety of open and secret drawers. In contrast to the luxury of the castle in Pubol and damaging scale museum in Figueres, home to Port Ligate impresses favorite toy: it is still tiny and somehow close. Because of this tour to the port-museum ligatskom conducted for small groups, not more than ten people. Tickets here must be ordered in advance through the Internet, but do not worry, we will take care.

The organizers of the house museum kept the main thing - the atmosphere and the mood of the family Dali. Not touching the situation and almost all furniture and appliances, museum keepers provide visitors with the opportunity to feel like a guest of one of the most unusual and eccentric couples of the XX century. Travel around the house in Port Ligate - it is an opportunity to know another side of the personality of Salvador Dali. Dali - family man, a Spaniard and a happy man.

Museum Dali in Figueres

Theatre-Museum of Salvador Dali in Figueres - it is a museum, designed by the artist. When Dali conceived his museum, he planned to create a surreal maze in which every visitor would have felt a little crazy and a little detached from reality. As it happens in the theater in the formulation of some of the great hoaxer. The idea was a success: Theatre-Museum is the mystical monolith that combines several architectural styles, concealing many secrets and reveals shocking inner world of the artist. Everyone who enters the museum in Figueres, will make a fascinating journey through the maze of fantasies Salvador Dali.

This museum houses the largest collection of his works of art from different periods. Among the works of Salvador Dali are not only numerous paintings, but also photographs, jewelry, sculpture, engraving, holograms, metal objects, wood, glass. Each piece, each piece has its own secret meaning in the museum is a surreal masterpiece of modernity. The museum itself has a strange shapes on the outside is decorated with giant white eggs on a dark-red walls of the building and the Galata Tower, in the maze is unrealistic illusions. The effect creates the illusion of how multi-level floors of the museum, and a transparent spherical dome, which became not only the main part of the museum, but also a symbol of Figueres. In the museum, among the rich heritage that the great artist has left behind in a small crypt, his embalmed body rests.

Castle Gala in Pubol

Not far from Figueres, in the small Catalan village of Púbol is a medieval castle - the symbol of love and passion of Salvador Dali. In our 1968 year Dalí bought the castle, built in the XIV century, and gave it to his wife, Gale. Gala, Elena I. Dyakonov, Russian by birth, met Salvador Dali 1929 year, while he was still married to the French poet Paul Eluard. Soon broke out between them and the incredible passion became his wife Gala Dali, muse, inspiration, nurse, artist's model for his paintings, a manager for his creations and the love of his life.

Making the castle in the style of Dali, taking into account the taste of his beloved woman. It stores Dali's works dedicated to his wife, as well as a variety of items, which he gave to her. Most of the rooms of the castle preserved environment in which Gala lived, so you can feel the atmosphere surrounding this extraordinary couple. The other rooms are used for exhibitions of museum exhibits. You can also see the personal things belonging to Gala, including jewelry and a collection of evening dresses from world famous designers. Also noteworthy is the small garden in the courtyard, decorated with statues, busts and fountains.

In the garden of the castle is very nice to take a walk here in the dense greenery unusual beasts roam with Dali paintings - his famous elephants with long legs and giraffes in natural size, which he sculpted. Gala was very fond of the castle, and after her death she was buried here.

Quotes Dali:

- I do not take drugs, I have a drug.

- The limit of stupidity - to draw an apple as it is. Draw at least a worm, tormented by love, and the dancing lobsters with castanets, and over the apple let fluttered elephants, and you'll see for yourself what an apple is too much.

- I'm afraid of death. I am afraid of planes, cars. Having ascended to the ship, the first thing I am looking for a lifeline.

- At three and a half years, I wanted to be a cook, mind you, the cook, not a chef. In the seven years I have longed to become a Napoleon, and my claim has since become steadily increase.

- Do not be afraid of perfection. You did not achieve.

tour cost a group of 2 to 4 human - 200 €. The price includes a shuttle service to all tour locations, English-speaking guide and driver. The price does not include: entrance fees to museums, the cost of gasoline and toll roads. On request, in the middle of the tour, you can arrange a traditional lunch in a rustic Catalan-estate restaurant "Masia".

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Tour starts at 9 in the morning, return back to Barcelona 20-00.


C June to October a similar tour can be made any day. From October to June - any day except Monday.

cost: 200 €

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