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This authentic historic bar in the neighborhood of Barceloneta offers a variety of tapas, a delicious vermouth, beer, wine or something stronger.

This establishment was opened in 1955 year and since then it has its loyal audience of locals, good food and quality of service is maintained from year to year, and the bar is not transformed into a place with a low-quality food for tourists.

Vintage interior returns to the bohemian past here marble tables, beautiful chandeliers, wooden chairs, vintage signs and other fine decorative elements. Adults waiters loudly pereshuchivayutsya with customers, adding brandy coffee Spanish grandfathers, who drank it here 50 years ago.

From tapas to try to encourage "chokos" and "bombas", the first is the pieces of fried squid and the other balls of mashed potatoes with minced meat, served with a spicy sauce. Under these beer tapas go with a bang. The menu also includes appetizers of octopus, shrimp, cod donuts, fried small fish, mussels, croquettes, potato Bravas and other typical Spanish delicacies.

On a sunny day you can sit outside on the terrace in front. Several years ago, the bar has expanded by opening yet another exactly the same restaurant two doors from the main. If there are no seats in the main bar to boldly go. In both institutions the same menu and reasonable prices, you can eat and drink within 10 €.

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Average check: €€
Address: Carrer gin, 13 или Street gin, 9
Metro station: Barceloneta
Phone: +34 932 683 265
Working hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 23-30

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