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One of the most frequent questions, asked by tourists, came to rest in Barcelona, associated with cannabis associations. Many have even decided, that the team Happy in Spain has its own club, and often there are reports, how to join it. so here, it's time to make it clear - we do not have the association of cannabis, We can not help with the entry to the club or something else to assist in this matter.

If you have a desire to get into one of the cannabis association in Barcelona, you help the SITE. When filling out a short survey and choice of club you can count on one-time invitation. Just be sure to submit an application a few weeks before your arrival to Barcelona.

If you are already in Barcelona and really want to get into a smoking club, you can go to the center in the evening and whirl on the corner of Ramblas boulevard and street Ferrsan. Most likely will come to you and whisper in your ear the word "coffee shop". Hard to say, whither they have these guys, at this coffee shop, or just flat, where they sell different zapreschenkoy, but the risk can be.

Learn more about, What is "Asociaciones Cannábicas" read HERE.

All a good holiday! And that, what can you do to please our project, read HERE.

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