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Confectionery Escribá pleases Spanish sweet tooth for more than a century, this masterpiece is prepared with pastries 1906 of the year. If you go to visit, buy something here for dessert, you will not regret it. Many of the original sweet gifts romantic nature, as well as the production of unique cakes for birthdays or any other holidays and events. Delicious rings of candy for a declaration of love, chocolate greeting cards, shoes and other edible sweet surprises.

Confectioner Christian Eskriba was recognized as the best pastry chef in Spain, he is engaged in their favorite thing with a passion, because baking is his family business in the third generation. The main principle of Christian states that imagination has no limits. He believes that any desire or the most unusual and daring dream can find in its confectionery her sweet form.

Try the local chocolate candy bars, fruit cups with mousse, cakes and croissants. This orgasm for your taste buds.

Prices on the pastries and cakes are above average, but it is completely justified. These works of art Escribá mark a delight for children and adults. Real jam!

In Barcelona there are two pastry Escriba. One is located on Las Ramblas near the market Bokeria, and the second on the avenue Gran Via. The first is famous not only for its delicious products, but also the building itself, a real gem of Catalan modernism. There is a small terrace, although in the summer because of the abundance of tourists it was almost always sold out, but you can buy any sweets and coffee to go and go down the Ramblas to the port, where you can enjoy wine tasting with a view of the yacht and seagulls. In the second confectionery on the Gran Via is usually much quieter and roomier here zahazhivayut mainly locals and in the evening there is still a good range of.

Besides pastry shops, Escribà offers training on "Escribà method" in the eponymous academy, where, under the guidance of renowned masters of seminars and courses.

Average check: €€€
Address: Rambla, 83 или Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 546
Metro station: Liceu или Urgell
Phone: +34 93 454 75 35
Working hours: Every day except Sunday from 8 a.m. to 15-00, afternoon with 17-00 to 21-00

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