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In the heart of Barcelona at the Plaza Real at the local Hare Krishna Temple works vegan dining. Wonderful place, to dine helpful, and delicious, that very unusual, namolennye food. The food is called the Krishna prasadam, that Sanskrit translates as "divine grace", therefore, a special attitude to the prasadam. Hare Krishnas believe, that while taking prasadam their chakras open, and they are cleared. Prasad - it's always very tasty vegetarian food, which was prepared with lots of love. It is not necessary to be Hare Krishnas, to feel the positive effects and the grace of a meal.

If you are used to small portions, it is better to limit yourself, picking up food on a plate, because it is not good to leave the prasad. To try all the dishes, After working up an appetite and you go on a visit to Krishna. Only for 8 € you will have access to the buffet with a large selection of nutritious and extremely tasty meals with a touch of Indian. Spices and sauces will give a flavor extravaganza and awaken you to life and good mood.

In the dining room you have an unlimited number of approaches. First try fresh vegetables salad buffet with different dressings and hot soup. Then move on to the main dishes - a few types of vegan burgers, traditional gave, steamed vegetables and more. Hot meals are changing here every day. Everything is cooked on ghee butter. therefore, if you follow the correctness of his power, Krishna in the temple you will find a real holiday belly. At noon on 8 Euro include ginger tea and dessert to choose from. Bon Appetit! Hare Krishna!

To get into the Krishna Restaurant, You need to press the intercom button Krishna Temple inscription and climb to the second floor. Lunch takes place only on weekdays 13-00 to 16-00.

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Address: Plaza Real 12, Mezzanine 2
Metro station: Liceu
Phone: +34 933 02 51 94
Working hours:

Lunch on weekdays 13-00 to 16-00

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