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HQ Cannabis Association opened in Barcelona six months ago. Its creators are extremely serious about their favorite cause. Once you are there, you will feel at once that in HQ put soul in your club and to all parts come with the utmost seriousness. This is not just another association, a club VIP with a very serious approach to their work.

The HQ team has several departments are staffed by people who are professionally engaged in genetics and cultivation of marijuana.

The most powerful and unique brands that we recommend to try: San Fernando Valley OG Kush, Shishka Berry, Strawbery Cough, Golden Tiger (100% sativa), Super Silver Haze, Amnesia Haze. The average cost of one gram 10 €. There are also available Iceolator - is the essence of which is obtained by filtering marijuana, if you want to smoke a hundred percent THC.

At the bar of the club you can taste freshly squeezed juices from different fruits, exclusively crafting varieties of German beer and shotandskogo, ecological tea and wine at reasonable prices. For special aesthetes are Wostok soft drinks and cakes from the Russian bakery, including fresh, melt in your mouth Napoleon, honey cake and other pleasures for those who like sweet.

On Thursdays from 20-00 to 22-00 the club are acoustic concerts on Fridays and Saturdays DJs play. The HQ has a team of hard-core fetish, so here are invited DJs who play only on vinyl. On Sunday held a different kind of game events - flöha markets, exhibitions vinyl, printing on clothes courses and other social events.

Association HQ one of the most spacious in the city, an area of ​​about 400 m2. By design, the creators of the room came with a special thrill - all the furniture, lamps and interior details made the Barcelona blacksmiths to order. The interior style can be described as «Industrial Chic» . Lamps on the ceiling are the same as in the movie Inglourious Bastards.

Each month, the club changed the art projects are exhibited all sorts of artists whose work you see on the walls of the club, and will be able to purchase if desired.

The HQ has a room with Playstation and a cinema, which hosts shows of all football matches. In addition, the club is held only in Catalonia championship Russian billiards, where the winner gets a trophy and the official product of the club bonus. All members can try their hand at this unusual sport.

Requirements to become a member of the club's HQ:

- You need to bring the club a person who is already a member of the club.

- Age from 21 of the year.

- Annual membership fee - 30 €.

- For the record, you must have a passport or resident card.

Location of the club is excellent, on a pedestrian street Enric Granados many excellent bars and restaurants.

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Address: Street Enric Granados, 65
Metro station: Diagonal
Working hours: From 16-00 to 00-00 Each day of the week 365 days per year
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