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Welcome to dentistry Healthy tooth, Conveniently located in the center of Barcelona, near Plaza Catalunya. Our professionals know, that the health of your teeth - it is not just a smile, as well as strong teeth and healthy gums. We are talking about available prevention and professional treatment. Our mission is, to help our patients achieve a smile, they deserve, painless, effectiveness and accessibility of. Using the latest technology, we provide the highest level of dental care with excellent results.

Regardless of, Do you need the seal, dental implants, bite correction, complete reconstruction of the mouth, or simply in the professional cleaning and inspection, Clinic Diente Sano Barcelona you choose all of your dental needs. Chief doctor of the clinic Bindyuk Olga and her team of physicians certified by the college of dentists Catalonia and have extensive experience in a variety of procedures,. We believe in a conservative approach to dentistry and seek, as a team, to perfection, without ceasing to study and improve their qualifications.

We also believe in transparency and the need to educate our patients about the upcoming treatment and paid until the beginning of the treatment. Consultation Diente Sano is free and each first visit will begin with a thorough examination and explanation of the problems detected, and then you will get a detailed treatment plan.

for 10 years of successful dentistry, Our patients are now friends. Team Diente Sano loves to please patients not only professionalism and care, but also democratic prices. By subscribing to our social networks, You can receive all our profitable stocks, which clearly will help save money on treatment and aesthetic procedures. If, for the necessary treatment there is no stock, and it costs prohibitively expensive, in Diente Sano there are various options for funding. we are convinced, that economic issues should not be an obstacle to a smile, What is your dream job?, nor even to your health!

Journey to a beautiful and healthy smile starts right here!

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Address: Ronda de la Universitat 17, mezzanine 4B
Metro station: Universitat
Phone: +34 633 312 126
Working hours:

C Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 20-00

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