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restaurant Feroz, like a man-wolf, It is changing beyond recognition from the night approaches. During the day it is calm and quiet restaurant, but closer to midnight cats in paintings of quiet and lovely turn into wild and indomitable, exactly the same thing happens with the atmosphere of this elegant establishments. If you like a place with seasoned, but does not dull atmosphere, and after dinner, usually keep the path is not home, as a party or get-together, the restaurant Feroz win you over at first sight.

pleases, in Barcelona open more schools with such a sophisticated design, where you can come in a beautiful dress, heels and feel at ease, since the neighboring tables will burn through the night no less pleasant to the eye characters.

As for the gastronomy, We recommend you try the roast beef or veal risotto with truffle, poached egg and parmesan. In light dinner plans? Foie gras with berries and pine nuts or roll with shrimp perfectly satiate, leaving a feeling of heaviness. Sweet cheesecake with mango ice cream, Biscuit of black and white chocolate with strawberries certainly will leave a pleasant aftertaste. The wine list of the 90 items, avtorskie cocktails and DJs, playing dance music until three in the morning.

Book a table in advance and get ready to dive into the carefree world of Barcelona's fiesta. The average bill per person is 50 €.

Feroz Feroz 1000ancho 15
Average check: €€€
Address: Street Tuset, 27, 08006 Barcelona
Metro station: Diagonal
Phone: +34 932 009 129
Working hours:

Every day from 13-30 to 3 a.m.

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