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Punto is one of the most popular gay bars in Barcelona, ​​thanks to its location, the abundance of regular customers and a long-standing history. This is the first gay bar of the city, which opened the owners of the popular gay club in Barcelona Arena has, this is the place immediately became a popular institution for prepati before stormy night on the dance floor.

Boys of all ages, ethnicities and income levels come in Punto drink before dancing. It is compulsory in the route to the bars of the meeting place, where it is always see familiar faces and make new friends. Unlike most bars in Barcelona, ​​where crowded and little space in Punto spacious and light, however, the interior is simple-minded and does not possess any frills. But you can play billiards on the second floor. Music pose as in the Arena, pop house.

Intricate cocktails in Punto do not interfere with a maximum gin and tonic, whiskey or rum and Coke, the cost of this drink 6 €, beer - 3 €. People come here for the flyers for free entrance to the club Arena, which will be given to you when you order any drink. If you want to take a table and sit quietly, we advise to arrive early.

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Average check: €€
Address: Calle Muntaner, 63
Metro station: Universitat
Phone: +34 934 536 123
Working hours: Every night from 18-00 to 2-30 night

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