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The classic Spanish tavern ham legs hanging from the ceiling, wooden tables and benches and very delicious traditional tapas. In this place smells like blue cheese, if you are sensitive to smells like, this place you will not like.

«Tasca el Corral» - a special place. They are owned by the family, which hails from Asturias, the northern part of Spain, where their own culinary delights. In this tavern you will learn to drink cider, pouring it in the traditional way to drink is enriched with oxygen. If you do not like the cider, make sangria, it is perfectly prepared.

In support of habits suggested order several tapas. Here wonderful beef ham «cecina», «pan con tomate» - slices of bread rubbed with tomato, cheese «cabrales», however, it is not for everybody, it is a very strong taste cheese. If the mold you do not like, try a more classic version, a delicious aged cheese «manchego». Do not forget to order «chorizo ​​al Diablo» - sharp little sausage set fire to your eyes after swimming in the fire it will taste just luchshe.Salat with tomatoes and anchovies too, it will be fitting.

Lovermut Elcorral
Average check: €€
Address: Merced, 17
Metro station: Jaume I, Barceloneta
Working hours: Every day from 13.00 to 2: 00 nights. The weekend before 3 a.m..

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