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In late December and early January in Barcelona a special atmosphere, the streets are beautifully decorated, evenings lit festive illumination, range of Christmas markets and special offers in restaurants. It is about them will be discussed in this article.

Where in Barcelona to taste, Catalans who cook at home for Christmas? And what kind of food?

You simply must try the Catalan Christmas soup. It is called "Eskudelya", this is one of the most important Catalan cuisine, is traditionally prepared Grandma for Christmas. This is a very thick soup, which is fed in a special way: the broth is decanted and the paste is applied, different kinds of meat, sausage and vegetables, which was cooked soup, submitted separately.

This dish was everyday until about mid-40s, but then it started to criticized as vulgar and monotonous, unworthy of the best Catalan tables. However eskudelya was not forgotten and now this dish has become one of the traditional desk Catalans. It added a special kind of pasta, Galets type paste, the largest in size in the form of pasta shells. A plate of this wonderful soup will warm you up even on the coldest night in Barcelona.

After the soup, make the second most popular Christmas dish - cannelloni.. The recipe has Italian roots, but with its own characteristics. Even the name sounds cannelloni "kanalons" in the Catalan style. They were terribly popular among the bourgeois public in Barcelona restaurants XIX century.

What is the difference Catalan kanalons of their Italian ancestors? At first, carpet. The Catalan kanalons not using minced meat with tomato salsa, pre-fried meat is chopped and then minced in. pasta sheets boil a little longer, than al dente. Stuffed fairly thick "tubes". when the paste, minced meat and bechamel ready, enough to put the dish under the grill for a few minutes - dry. The classic use Gruyere cheese.

After cooking the soup eskudeli often had a large amount of meat, Catalan housewives used it for cooking kanalons. Traditionally, therefore, 26 December, the day of St. Esteban, Lunch is served at the family «canelons de Sant Esteve». Now there is a huge variety of toppings and secrets. The toppings are added jamon, foie game, liver, tryufely, mushrooms, etc. There are options with cod, spinach and seafood.

Arrange tasting these dishes in the trendy hipster place is unlikely to succeed. According to grandmother's recipes in Barcelona is prepared in the ancient Catalan restaurants, where classical interiors with white tablecloths, wooden beams on the ceilings, solid waiters and a great story behind.

1) Can Ресторан Culleretes

One of the oldest restaurants in Barcelona. It was opened in 1786 year and still pleases its guests with traditional Catalan dishes. Try local cannelloni with cod and baked dorado. The restaurant is tucked away in a narrow side street of the Gothic Quarter, a step away from Ramblas. Of course, table must be booked in advance. Prices on the menu you will be pleasantly surprised.

AddressCarrer Quintana, 5, Liceu. Lunch here 13-00 to 16-00, and dinner 21-00 to 23-00. Sunday evening and Monday the restaurant is closed. Telephone for reservation: +34 93 317 30 22

2) Restaurant Casa Leopoldo

Legendary place in the center of Raval, where people come for a traditional lunch in a retro atmosphere, artists and other bohemian characters of the old town of Barcelona. meals, who will live forever, simple recipes for this holiday belly. Try oxtail, asparagus, anchovies, meatballs with squid and seafood dishes. Always fresh fish and an excellent selection of Spanish wines. The place is not cheap. The average bill per person about 40 €.

Address: Calle San Rafael, 24, Liceu. Lunch with 13-30 to 15-30, and dinner 20-30 to 23-00. Sunday evening and Monday the restaurant is closed. Telephone for reservation: +34 934 41 30 14.

3) Restaurant Ca l'Esteve

The current owner of the restaurant is a great grandson its first holder. Family traditions are passed in this place from generation to generation. This is only possible in old Europe. Here special sedate surroundings and forgotten recipes of youth. Try the lamb brains or pig's trotters, on a cold winter evening and a good red wine, these dishes will go with a bang. Fans will appreciate the local marine cod, shrimp, mussels and fish donuts. And the apple pie for dessert will take you to the kitchen to her grandmother.

Address: street Valldonzella, 46, метро University. Telephone for reservation: +34 93 302 41 86

4) restaurant Agut

Another brilliant representative of the classic Catalan institution with a history in the heart of the Gothic Quarter. Try the flan of aubergine with cheese, warm salad with duck and foie gras, baked oxtail and pork legs, blood sausage stuffed with truffle sauce. You do not like meat? Then for you burger squid with artichokes or mini octopus with mushrooms and pine nuts. Do not forget the sauce ali oli, here he simply fabulous. AND, of course, order a bottle of Rioja, to digest so sophisticated it is clear without it you can not do. Excellent service and a sense of, that you are invited to visit for lunch.

Address: street Gignàs, 16, Shipyards метро или Jaume. From Tuesday to Saturday 13-00 to 16-00, in the evening from 21-00 to 23-00. Telephone for reservation: +34 93 330 03 03

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Average check: €€
Working hours: In almost all of these institutions with lunch 13-00 to 16-00, and dinner 20-00 to 23-00. Mondays and Sunday night the restaurants are closed.

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