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Chef Martín Berasategui (Martín Berasategui), Basque in origin, awarded two Michelin stars. He brought them to the Basque Country in Barcelona its unique recipes, and the Catalans appreciated them.

The restaurant is small with a capacity of 30 people located in the heart of the city. Perhaps one of the best of Barcelona Michelin establishments by the ratio of prices and quality of food. Elegant interior and delightfully tasty and original dishes. The unique author's cuisine, combining flavors and products that you will not find in other restaurant, plus excellent service.

Some of the dishes of the restaurant - a sandwich with scallops, artichokes and turnips, carbonara with smoked salmon, soup with mini-calamari and ravioli with squid ink inside, crispy oyster with a salad of grapefruit juice citrus and smoked mackerel, foie gras in apple sauce, smoked eel, baked pigeon with pork ears, spinach and mushroom sauce. Excellent desserts and an interesting wine list. The average bill - 150 € per person. Tasting menu Lasarte – 130 € with selection of wines and 105 € without wine. There are wider tasting menu for 165 €. Feel free to recommend a visit to this restaurant, taste delight there is no limit.

Average check: €€€€
Address: Mallorca, 259
Metro station: Passeig de Gracia, Diagonal
Phone: (+34) 93 445 32 42
Working hours: Open Tuesday to Saturday. FROM 1330 a.m. to 1530 and 2030 a.m. to 23:00. closed from 11 August 11 September.
Tip: Book a table in advance

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