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Hungry after a fascinating walk through the park and the Barcelona Zoo Citadel or after an excursion on the triumphal arch, be sure to go to eat in the Japanese-Chinese Wok Arc de Triomph. There is a wide selection of fresh seafood, vsemozmozhnymi sushi, rolls, noodles, rice, salads and all this at a buffet "eat until the climb".

Although it considered to be Wok Chinese cuisine, Chef Wok Arc de Triomph mainly working on Japanese dishes. In the menu, a huge selection of sashimi and maki with salmon, avocado, cucumber, shrimp, tuna, surimi and even mangoes. Besides, there are all kinds of spring rolls, tempura, kebabs striped, a hen, beef, pork, several types of rice and noodle. Seafood here do not lie on the hour: mussels, shrimp, lobsters and a variety of fish - in dial plate and take it to the cook, which quickly cook it all right in front of you. From vegetables can be combined to fresh salads or ask them to do on the grill. And for dessert - ice cream, fruit, chocolate mousse, flan, pudding or yogurt.

As in other Vokah here, the principle of a buffet with unlimited number of approaches. At lunch time for all this abundance you pay 9,25 €, and in the evening - 12,95 €.

Average check: €€
Address: Walk Lluis Companys, 19
Metro station: Arс de Triomph
Working hours: Open every day from 1230 a.m. to 1630 and 20: 00 to 00:00

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