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Barcelona confectionery Bubó like a jewelry store, where each cake is a work of art. From one type of showcases breathtaking, just want to try a whole range of incredibly beautiful sweet masterpieces.

Over pastries here the whole team is working, headed by trying on the strength of its creative potential of the world-famous Catalan pastry chef Carles Mampel.

Sweets from Bubó impress even those, who do not care for sweets. Incredible shape cakes, bright colors, glossy surface and the most pleasant moment, When you try this miracle, feeling a burst of flavors, textures and flavors. It is in this main task sozdataley, the taste was better appearance, and that, trust, not easy.

Try French pastries "pasta" of the local cooking, it will be unforgettable. In fact, any product that is worthy of the highest praise confectionery. That is part of Green Berry: almond shortbread dough, pistachio mousse and natural strawberries. The cost of each cake about 4 €, that for such quality pastries mere pennies.

Here too there are many beautiful and delicious products in a gift, Chocolate with different natural additives, Nuts in chocolate, cookies and other pleasures of a sweet tooth. the, who is on a strict diet, better not to go here, resist the temptation to not work.

And if you do not want to start with the sweet, Taste delicious tapas in the same bar next door, there chic red prawns with garlic, ravioli stuffed with tuna, fungi and algae.

The café has a lovely terrace with views of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar.

DSC 3512
Average check: €€
Address: Street hoods, 10
Metro station: Jaume I, Barceloneta
Working hours: Every day from 10 a.m. to 22-00, Friday and Saturday until 00-00.

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