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One of the best schools in Barcelona, which serves marble Argentine beef, It located in Bourne and called La Santa del Born. They come here hungry meat-eaters and are in addition to the necessary protein to the body dose, great pleasure, tasting local steaks, sandwiches with meat and sumptuous burgers.

La Santa del Born - a small, cozy restaurant in the pedestrian street of Born, employing Argentines and prepare delicious burgers, Using only the highest quality marbled beef. Try to Black Angus burger, it is slightly more expensive conventional, but you will not regret the extra euro spent.
If you do not eat meat, be sure to order calamari grilled with ali-oli sauce, they are simply superb and melt in your mouth. The menu also includes many other tapas: croquettes, patatas Bravas, mussels and a large selection of tasty salads.

To complete the picture with a bottle of red wine and do not forget, ending meal, at least an hour to walk in Bourne, exercise after such a feast is a must.

Prices for burgers from 7 up to 11 €, average revenue per person 20 €.

Burgeri V Barcelone (1)
Average check: €€
Address: Street Pescatería, 6
Metro station: Barceloneta, Jaume I
Phone: +34 932 687 389
Working hours: Every day from 12-00 to 00-00

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