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Teresa Carles is one of the first vegetarian restaurants in central Barcelona. It opened in 1979 in upper Raval. There is a wide variety of delicious and healthy dishes, and, which is especially nice, The kitchen is open all day without a break with 9 a.m. until midnight. Come here to taste a variety of soups, salads, pasta from durum wheat.

original menu, Beautiful design, kind waiters and cosmopolitan relaxed atmosphere make this place one of the most fashionable of vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona. A good place to meet with friends and family, even if they are not vegetarians. Prices above average, the cost of food around 10 €. There is an option of a lunch menu for 9,50 €. A selection of food is constantly changing depending on seasonal products. This restaurant produces its own ecological olive oil, olives, jam and vegetable sauces in jars.

We recommend to try tartar tofu with avocado, Rice meatballs with cheese, layer cake with eggplant, crispy crepe with brie and artichoke sauce, vegetable ceviche with spirulina, lasagna with spinach, cannelloni with mushrooms or spaghetti made from rye flour with vegetables, shiitake, bean sprouts and red curry sauce. The non-alcoholic Bloody Mary is exceptionally delicious and there is broad selection of ecological wines to choose from.

Huge selection of juices and shakes, cold pressed, incredible mixes, who will send you on an incredible journey of taste. Flight of fancy brought to the limit, as the level of utility.

You can see detailed menu in English here.

The restaurant is very popular, we recommend to book a table in advance by calling. If places are not will, you can go to a restaurant Flax & Kale, that belongs to the same owners.

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Average check: €€
Address: Calle Jovellanos, 2
Metro station: Catalonia, Universitat
Phone: +34 933 171 829
Working hours: Every day from 9 a.m. to 23-30.

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