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Restaurant Flax & Kale in Upper Raval is an ideal place for admirers of healthy and delicious food. The menu is based on flexitarian diet. A flexitarian is a person who has a primarily vegetarian diet but occasionally eats meat or fish.. The menu offers a large variety of strictly vegan and fish dishes, dishes without gluten, and of course a wide range of wonderful fresh cold pressed juices. On weekends here you can have a super healthy brunch, and during the week - delicious breakfast or lunch.

Restaurant Flax & Kale was opened a couple of years ago by the owner of the first Barcelona vegetarian restaurant. Her first project Teresa Carles ,which exists from 1979 ,is still greatly popular among all fans of healthy food. While Teresa Carles is a strictly vegetarian place, Flax & Kale has a much more varied menu that includes dishes with fish. Here rules flexitarionism which means that 80 % of the menu is plant based, while the remaining 20 % - animal protein. Flax & Kale mainly uses blue fish that has the biggest percentage of our favorite Omega 3.

Try tuna burger or salmon mini-burgers; pasta with spirulina, salmon and parmesan cheese; rice with vegetables and red curry; kale chips; goat cheese salad or pumpkin and carrot ravioli . The desserts as well require particular attention.

Average dish price is from 8 € and up. The place is full of hipsters and tourists who are willing to pay a little more for quality and healthy food.

In the same building with Flax & Kale you will also find juice bar of the same branch - Teresa’s Juicery. Here they make vegan milkshakes and cold-pressed juices from fresh fruits and vegetables. This method helps to save more vitamins and other nutrients . Perhaps Teresa will take care of your health better than you!.

By the way, coming here for a brunch after a wild weekend is like a rehab for your body. Try out the very popular homemade coconut milk yogurt, which is a universal cure for hangover in Hollywood, or salad with berries goji, toasts with avocado, vegetable croissants made with eco-margarine or gluten free muffins. This place is definitely a must for all foodies of Barcelona.

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Average check: €€
Address: Carrer Tallers 74 (Plaza Castilla)
Metro station: Universitat, Catalunya
Working hours: Every day from 930 a.m. to 23:30
Tip: Book a table in advance online via the link

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