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Barcelona is famous not only for its beaches, architecture, an abundance of good restaurants and bars, this city is also ideal shopping lovers, especially during the summer and winter sales. In Barcelona you can buy quality clothes and shoes at prices much lower than the Russian, there are things for every taste, global brands and local brands, which are not found on the expanses of the Russian Federation. There are also many people buy appliances, home furnishings, jewelry and perfume.

If you make a purchase worth more than 90 € in the same store, do not forget to issue TAX FREE*.

*Tax free - The refund system of value added tax (VAT). VAT returns for purchases made by foreigners in the reverse crossing the border of the country in which they were acquired. In Spain, net of fees returns about 10-15% the cost of goods. In each store, this percentage is slightly different. The store, in which the purchase, must support the service Tax Free has been made, as there are many outlets that do not support this option.

It is important to note that by law you have to make a purchase at least 90 euros in a single day, but most private shops you will be able to issue Tax Free if you, for example, did a bit of shopping in the store during their vacations and the total turned out to be € 90 or more.

It is important to be aware of time limits. For tax-free from the date of purchase to its export from Spain should pass no more 3 months.

How to make Tax Free in Barcelona?

There are three ways to return tax free:

1. In an Aeroport

At the height of the tourist season, this method is probably the most uncomfortable because of the long queues in front of the window to get the customs stamp on your checks.

Where to put the seal?

Printing is placed directly before the flight, at the airport, at the police station. The Terminal 1 it is in the far left corner of the airport. That is, going to the airport terminal, you will need to climb to the top 3rd floor and head to the left corner of the departure hall to the reception room 200. Вы увидите таблички "Mossos d'Esquadra", "Cuerpo Nacional de Policia", "Guardia Civil" как-раз под ними на уровне ваших коленок написано "Tax Free" идите прямо по коридору и налево. Gather all the checks Tax Free, passport and air ticket. The stamp must be affixed on each check.

The Terminal 2 Stand where the inspector, who puts the press, is located in the far left corner of the first floor of the airport (in Spain it is ground floor) at the restaurant Terracota. A cash La Caixa right behind the bronze horse monument.

It is important to note that to get money on the card or in cash, Global Blue office in the new Terminal 1 It is located inside the airport after passing through passport control and customs. It works with 7 a.m. to 23-00. All other operators return Tax free at the airport through the bank La Caixa, which closes 21-00, however if you fly early in the morning or late at night, you can not complete registration.

If you still make out tax free at the airport, be aware that a customs officer may ask you to show the things that you take out of Spain, so it is necessary to go for printing before you sign up for the flight, and will hand over the baggage in suitcases. While in Spain, almost never check the goods, with the exception of art and jewelry to large amounts.

In the office of the operator at the airport you will be picked up Tax Refund Cheque, which you have already set a stamp, and the funds transferred to the bank card of any type, both debit and credit.

2. The city is returning offices, tax free

Perhaps this is the most convenient option for tax free. The store where you made your purchase, you will be given an envelope and a form to fill out, which is officially called the Tax Refund Cheque. You fill out the form with their data and go with him, passport and a check for the purchase of one of the offices of immediate payment of tax-free.

It is important to note that in Barcelona there are two main operators tax free: Premier Tax Free and Global Blue, each of which has its offices work.

Points' immediate payment »Tax Free:

1) Магазины FNAC (только Premier Tax Free)

FNAC Triangle

Address: Plaza Catalunya 4, the top of the boulevard Las Ramblas.

Schedule: Mon - Sat from 10: 00 to 22:00

Take only checks from Premier Tax Free

FNAC Arenas

At the mall Las Arenas at Plaza España

Address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 373 – 385

Schedule: Mon - Sat from 10: 00 to 22:00

Take only checks from Premier Tax Free

2) Офис BARCELONA TOURISM near Diagonal Metro (Premier Tax Free и Global Blue)

Address: Passage of Conception 7 – 9

Schedule: Monday to Thursday 09: 00 to 1430 and 1530 a.m. to 18: 30, Friday - with 09: 00 to 15: 00, closed on weekends

Here you will be tax-free return of both companies - Global Blue and Premier.

3) Underground tourist information office BARCELONA TOURISM (только Global Blue). Entrance to the square Catalunya, on the corner across from the shopping center Corte Ingles.

Address: Plaza Catalunya, 17.

Schedule: Mon - Fri 830 and to 20: 30, Sat to 15: 00 to 20:00

Here you will be returned tax-free only on intermediary Global Blue.

4) Shopping center The English Court на площади Plaza Catalunya. Here decorate Global Blue receipts only on goods purchased in the same shopping center.

Schedule: Mon - Sat from 10: 00 to 22:00

In this procedure, when you fly back home, at the airport you will need to MANDATORY Customs put a stamp on the Tax Refund Cheque and putting it into the envelope issued in the store, throw in the mailbox of a yellow color, which is located near the customs. If you do not, the operator does not receive your checks, or they will be without a customs stamp, the credit card operator in favor of that sum will be removed, which has been transferred to you.

3. At home card.

Such refund can be issued and the house, if for some reason you do not have time to do it in the city or the airport. The main thing that you need to - it put down at the airport on the Tax Refund Cheque stamped customs, as well as to write on the receipt of a credit card number to which the refund will happen should. It does not matter whether you own it - as long as it was active. Refunds will only happen after the receipt of checks Tax Refund Cheque operator, so in this case, the card type is not important for the operator. Once you have put the stamp on the check, put it into a special envelope, resulting in the store and throw it in the same yellow box. The operator will receive a letter within a week, then some time will be spent on data processing, data validation and sending funds. In total, the money will come in about six to eight weeks.

Separately tell you about getting tax free system in the shopping center El Corte Inglés:

At the entrance to El Corte Inglés Russian tourists in the presence of a Russian passport issued discount cards 10%, which can be reused in almost all department stores in one day. If you want to repeat another day shopping - will need to re-issue the card. Each design Tax Free, El Corte Inglés will take with you 7,50 euros for registration, regardless of the total amount. So, if you are sure you will spend in the Corte Ingles is not one day, collect checks and come to issue Tax Free on the last day of shopping in this store.

We hope this information was helpful to you. Enjoy your shopping!

Metro station: Catalunya, Diagonal

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