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Everything changes, including eating habits. In recent years, the main trend - a healthy diet, based on organic products without the addition of artificial sugars and preservatives. In Barcelona opened a restaurant Honest Greens and became for many fans of PP (* proper nutrition) place number one in. The concept of the restaurant - to create an affordable option "healthy fast food".

There really tasty, helpful and very instagramno. Dishes look fantastically beautiful, trendy dishes, chic interior and only the freshest farm products. You yourself are collecting their dinner - can be the basis for fish, a hen, falafel or vegetables, then choose the sauce and other ingredients. Beautiful local tataki tuna, avocado grilled and baked sweet potatoes. Approximately 15 euro per person you get a great dinner with the freshest ingredients.

breakfast menu

Main Menu (Spanish)

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Average check: €€
Address: Catalonia Ramblas, 3
Metro station: Catalonia
Phone: +34 935 414 900
Working hours:

From Monday to Friday 8-30 to 11-30 and 12-00 to 23-00
On Saturday 9-30 to 12-30, from 13-00 to midnight

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Plaza Catalunya

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