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Chinese Buffet "Wok Dao" is not far from the center, directly at the metro San Antoni in 15 minute walk from Las Ramblas. The choice is huge: more 100 a variety of dishes from the best Asian food recipes. Fish and seafood "Wok Dao" also abound. There is even an oyster, lobsterы and omarы. true, to get them, you'll have a little fight and outwit the voracious Chinese. But we know the secret: get up to the window and wait for the most, the waiter will make a dish with clams welcome, shamelessly shifted all to itself on a plate and proudly marching straight to his table. And do not worry for the Chinese, they soon will make a new.

All products in "Dao" fresh and, as in any buffet restaurant, approaches for a meal, you can do any number of. Raw seafood, meat, mushrooms, asparagus and fish will cook you instantly cook on the grill. Their window in front of windows with the above products. During the day all this beauty is worth all 9 €. And do not forget the desserts. speaking, here show live broadcasts of football matches.

Chao Dao 7
Average check: €€
Address: Villaroel, 1
Metro station: San Antoni
Working hours: The restaurant is open daily from 12: 00 to 1630 and 20: 00 to 00:00

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