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Pintxos is a favorite snack to beer, cider or wine in northern Spain. These works of art, something between a sandwich and canapés. These small masterpieces of gastronomy prepared with dozens of ingredients, they varied, unusual and very tasty.

Homeland pintxos is the city of San Sebastian, in the north of Spain. In the major cities of the Basque Country, such as Vitoria and Bilbao, regularly organize competitions for the best pintxos. The word "pintxos" is derived from the Spanish "skewer", as for bonding of all layers of mini-dishes using wooden skewers. Classic pintxos is the foundation of baguette slices with various kinds of appetizers on it. Traditionally used for the top layer of fish and seafood, potato tortilla, matter kroketы, but at the present time, any combination is possible.

The most common dishes pintxos are located directly on the bar. In most institutions made independently take them out, Only do not throw themselves skewers, when you pay the waiter said their number is on your plate.

1) Taktika Berri

Barcelona gourmets consider, that in this restaurant serves the most delicious pintxos city. There is always a sell-out, so book your table in advance. Besides the wonderful pintxos with fresh ingredients in Berry tactics you can enjoy other authentic Basque cuisine, eg, beef steak, which is quite difficult to completely eat, so it is best to order one for two, scrambled eggs with cod and signature dish of fish hake places «tronco de merluza», who come here for regular visitors.

It is advisable to book pintxos or cider bottle of white wine young Txacoli, which is produced in the Basque country and is famous for its fresh and slightly fruity taste. Value for money fine, average bill per person about 30 €.

Address: Valencia Street, 169, Diagonal метро или University. Open from Monday to Friday 13-00 to 16-00, in the evening from 20-30 to 23-00. On Saturday 13-00 to 16-00.

2) Irati

A stone's throw from the Ramblas and the Liceu opera is this Basque restaurant with a long bar, on which color the mountains of different pintxos. They serve daily about 80 different types of pintxos. Prices slightly above average, but it's worth it, in Irati use high quality ingredients and seasonal produce. If you are very tired, it is not the best place, because at the bar drinking wine and eating pintxos, standing. At the back of the room there are tables for those, who came to dinner. If you decide to go with a more serious pintxos dishes, sit down at the table and ask the main menu. Try the beef steak, rumbling, redfish, ravioli and dishes with mushrooms.

Be prepared to be mainly among tourists, this can not be avoided due to the restaurant's location.

Address: Carrer del Cardenal Casañas, 17, Liceu. The bar counter with pintxos is open every day from 11 a.m. to 00-30, Kitchen open from 13-00 to 16-00, in the evening from 19-00 to midnight.

3) Txakoli

Authentic Basque restaurant in Borne, where you can enjoy a variety of hot and cold pintxos. Affordable prices and very friendly staff. All meals and snacks are delicious and fresh. Waiters are periodically carried out of the kitchen with trays of hot, freshly prepared pintxos, do not deny yourself the pleasure to taste them. There pintxos prepared with marinated chicken, duck magret, shrimp, fish and squid. Cost of one of pintxos 1,5 to 2,5 €.

Address: Of. Marqués de Argentera, 19, метро Barceloneta. Every day from 13-30 to 16-00, in the evening from 19-30 to 23-30.

4) Basque house

A stone's throw from the Picasso Museum operates Basque Euskal Etxea tavern, where you can look at the delicious cold or hot pintxos wine. Variants with jamon, homemade chorizo ​​sausage, ancousami, provolone cheese and mango. The most unusual combinations, amaze. There are a lot of vegetarian pinchos, eg, with mushrooms and marinated peppers. Do not forget to keep the skewers on a plate, they know the number of waiter, how much you pay. The cost of pintxos 2 €. At the back of the room there are tables, where you can dine tight, order other Basque cuisine.

Address: Square Moncada, 1, метро или Jaume I Barceloneta. Stand with pintxos is open every day from 10 a.m. to 00-30. The restaurant is open from 13-00.

5) Dear

Tavern Maitea - a real teleporter in the Basque Country. From the diversity of the eyes diverge pintxos, they are prepared with a special thrill, choosing seasonal products and constantly changing range. The restaurant boasts a hundred different variants of pintxos, each of which is worth € 1.65. Here are some examples of small masterpieces taverns Mayte: pintxos with smoked salmon and crab, pintxos with soft goat cheese, xamonom jagodami, pintxos with dried sausage "chistorra" and quail egg, pintxos with pepper, stuffed with tuna. Drinks, beer, yielding or ʙeloe wine Cakoli. Also pintxos here you can enjoy hot meals with meat, fish or seafood according to traditional recipes of the north of Spain.

Address: Carrer Casanova 157, метро Diagonal или Hospital Clinic. The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 00-00.

6) Bay of Biscay

Taking a walk around the block Bourne, sure to check out the restaurant in the Golfo de Bizkaia Chakoli glass of wine and a couple of some delicious pintxos without excess oil and mayonnaise, each of which is worth 1,95 €. Fresh ingredients, wide selection of wines, beautiful interior and very friendly staff. If you love pink wine, try Pagos de Aráiz grape Garnacha. Recommended pintxos with sardines or sausage "chistorra". Try to stay near one of the drums at the entrance, where so nice to watch the passers-by. At peak hours there a crowd of tourists, better to come in the least popular time.

Address: Carrer Vidrieria, 12, метро или Jaume I Barceloneta. Every day from 10 a.m. until midnight.

7) Taverna Blai Tonight

If you are looking for, where a meal for little money, tavern Blai Tonight you exactly appreciate. This place is famous for its pintxos at the price of € 1 per share. The quality of them is quite acceptable, eg, for pintxos with jamon here use one of the best varieties of jamon, and other variations in the course are fresh anchovies and potato omelets homemade. Many different pintxos with sausage, mushroom, cheese, fish, etc.. Of course, such rates accumulates a huge amount of visitors. So get ready to taste pintxos per euro in pretty close company. Better to come on a weekday, in the evening on Friday and Saturday are not overcrowded.

Address: Street Blas, 23-25, метро Parallel. From Monday to Friday 20-00 to 00-30, on Saturdays and Sundays 12-30 until the morning.

Average check: €€
Working hours: Pintxos is the ideal snack to blame, beer or cider. Eat them usually, standing behind the bar. Do not dispose of skewers of pintxos, their number on your plate is carried out payment.

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