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In our article about Barcelona bars, serving pintxos, we told you about this Spanish appetizers and the most popular places in the city, where it is necessary to, to enjoy these extraordinary canapés. But the famous bar Blai 9 I would like to describe in more detail.

This bar is located on the pedestrian street of the same name in the district Poble Sec, which is full of restaurants, restaurants and institutions, serving it pintxos. But if the thing is not the price for you, and originality and taste, you should try it pintxos bar in Blai 9. For starters we recommend a walk along the bar and appreciate all of the proposed options, and then ask for a plate, drink and choose from all the splendor of a few special types of delicious pintxos. The owner of the restaurant has it's main purpose to surprise his customers with creativity and unusual combination of flavours and textures. Large selection of fish, meat and vegetable pintxos to suit all tastes.

And if the basis for the classic pintxos is often a slice of baguette, то в Blas 9 they try to substitute bread for something more original, or go without it. Kroketы, pancakes, rolls ... Unusual "designer" pintxos this bar and beckon his appearance, and as soon as you try the first few, you will want to taste all the others. Each pintxo costs 1,5 €, a large selection of wine and beer. The restaurant also has an outdoor terrace.

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Average check:
Address: Street Blas, 9
Metro station: Parallel
Phone: +34 933 297 365
Working hours:

Every day from 12-00 until midnight (Fridays and Saturdays until 1 a.m.)

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