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If you walk along the port Barceloneta beach, you will meet a cheerful shrimp or in Spanish "gamba". Initially, this sculpture adorned the roof of one of the many seafood restaurants, who were in the area of ​​Barcelona. Her set as an original advertising in 1988. But the Olympic Games 1992 Barcelona began to put in order, and almost all the restaurants in the area were demolished, to build the current walking promenade. City Hall has decided not to remove the shrimp and it perfectly fit into the urban landscape.

Directly behind the shrimp looks quite another wonderful monument, built for the Olympics. It is called El Cap de Barcelona "La Cabeza de Barcelona" - is a surreal sculpture by American artist Roy Lichtenstein, who worked in the style of pop art, inspired by the world of comics. The main representative of this style was Andy Warhol. The bright blue sky of Barcelona's head looks extremely bright, a mosaic covering of ceramic shards pay tribute to the style of Gaudi and modernism in general. Both display the monument great fun, a little extravagant and incredibly appetizing nature of Barcelona.

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Address: Paseo Colon, s/n, 08003 Barcelona
Metro station: Barceloneta

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