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The famous chef Albert Raurich, responsible for the delights of the restaurant two sticks, He has opened a new restaurant in Barcelona, ​​where revive forgotten recipes of the past and the present suit gastro-historical excursion that everyone could feel myself on how to eat in ancient times the ancestors of the Europeans.

Почему бы не вернуть популярные в средние века лакомства, как, например, свиные сосочки? Они считались настоящим деликатесом и теперь их можно отведать в Верхнем Равале на модной улице Doctor Dou наряду с рыбным соусом гарум, который был незаменимым ингредиентом в Древнем Риме. No wonder Raurich about ten years at El Bulli, the world famous gastro-lab. Now he is subject to any experimentation and imagination has no limits.

Very bright, powerful, unusual and at times even harsh taste dishes make the restaurant Dos Pebrots risky place for foodies who are looking for something out of the ordinary and are tired of the typical tapas snacks. The menu Roman omelette with pine nuts, assorted smoked fish of different species, wild ass of blood sausage, oxtail, black onion, Neapolitan vegetables. Coffee prescription Marie Antoinette with pork broth and cream Catalana a hair's breadth as it was prepared in the XVII century, with honey, ginger and rice starch. Also sweet flan in the menu with black pepper and Roman pears in wine.

Dishes cost between 4 to 10 €, the average bill per person with wine 40 €, there are two versions of the tasting menu for 40 or 60 €. To observe the process of preparation we recommend to sit at the bar. A table is better to book in advance.

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Average check: €€€
Address: Carrer Doctor Dou, 19
Metro station: Catalonia, Liceu
Phone: +34 938 539 598
Working hours:

From Wednesday to Sunday 13-00 to 23-00

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