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A young chef from London opened in two steps from the Plaza Catalunya restaurant La Esquina Coffee & Kitchen, and soon earned popularity among local fudi and delicious coffee lovers.

This often happens in Barcelona, that you are standing in the center and do not understand, where to go for breakfast, where a cup of coffee, sit with a book, appointment friend or an hour or two to work at a laptop. Like so many places, but the head did not come. Now you have the very best restaurant, where delicious, cosily, nice and you are greeted with a smile at any time of the day with 9 morning until late at night.

add only, that the salmon is salted guys themselves, pickled cucumbers and bake pies. The spacious hall, coffee machine La Marzocco, fresh flowers in vases, large communal table in front of the bar. The brunch menu poached eggs with avocado, fennel and goat cheese, sandwich with provolone cheese and meatballs, eggs Benedict, salad with quinoa and a lot of fresh pastries. For dinner, cake stuffed with trout and potatoes, Burrata with pumpkin puree, roast beef, pasta with mushrooms, marinated chicken, etc.. Dishes cost between 6 to 12 €. There is an option for an integrated lunch 16 € two courses, dessert and beverage.

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Average check: €€€
Address: Carrer Bergara, 2
Metro station: Catalonia
Phone: +34 937 687 242
Working hours:

On Monday 9 a.m. to 17-00, Tuesday through Friday 9 a.m. to 23-30. Saturday: 10 morning and 23-30, Sunday 10 a.m. to 17-00.

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