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they say, that in this tiny bar at the intersection of two alleys Raval cereal mixes the most delicious gin tonics in Barcelona. I used to be a fish store, where they sold salt cod. Interior of the bar still keeps fishing motifs. Just swim here is now entirely in the ocean of gin and tonic.

You will find a wide variety of original recipes of this popular cocktail in Catalonia. Not only classic Hendrix with cucumber, but also variations with orange and cinnamon, green apple, and even rose petals. About forty different types of gin, including one type of own production.
The bar is always noisy, crowded and fun, especially on weekends. On the wall is written, that the room can accommodate a maximum of 15 visitors, but by some miracle here constantly stuffed in several times more fans juniper drink.

In addition to cocktails and serves sandwiches and other snacks. Good music and nice staff.

Bar Fishing Salada1
Average check: €€
Address: street Wax, 32
Metro station: Sant Antoni
Working hours: Monday to Saturday from 19-30 and up to three o'clock in the morning

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