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legendary club, where techno culture originated the Barcelona back in the mid nineties. tiny room, a win-win option for those, who are not particularly straining to dance in distress. If you do not know, where to go hang out in Barcelona, go to Moog. The club is open seven days a week, the most powerful night here - Wednesday. It was in the night from Wednesday to Thursday in Muge foreign DJs perform.

The main dance floor is always packed to overflowing. Most often playing techno here, although time on time is not necessary, It can be accessed on the classic electro or hard noise. A narrow staircase leads to the second small dance floor, which Pur Pur electro DJ sets, disco and other hits of the past years. Dancing Pur Pur - separate show, noteworthy.

Up to two nights here in the presence of free entry flyers, who handed out directly on Las Ramblas.

p.s. On the same street, where Moog, right next to Las Ramblas, in the warm season is opened a little outside bar, where a huge black Cubans preparing mojito. Ask "King mojito" to add fresh strawberries - its "Mojito de fresa" superb.

Moog Barcelona Morgan Hammer 2
Average check: €€
Address: Arc Theater, 3
Metro station: Drassanes
Working hours: All the days of the week 00-00 to 6 in the morning
entrance fee: 15-20 € €

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