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What are the best souvenirs to bring from Barcelona? Of course, the most delicious! This is when you have a suitcase half consists of local delicacies. Fragrant ham and cheese, olives, olive oil, a couple of bottles of wine. Thus souvenirs will be happy with all of your friends and relatives, a pleasant meal in the Spanish style on arrival will give a bright finish and extend the travel experience. Buy these souvenirs can be in any supermarket or market.

But there is always a grandmother or a friend, which collects magnets and plates on the wall. If you need more souvenirs in the classic sense, advised to look into the chain of stores Art Escudellers, are scattered Barcelona's Gothic Quarter. There is a huge collection of products made of ceramics. And unlike the Pakistani shops, it's really the goods, Made in Spain, instead of Chinese counterfeits, and why the prices are slightly higher.

The Art Escudellers you can buy really authentic souvenirs, colorful cups and other utensils, murals and panels, storage tanks for olive oil, souvenirs in Gaudi style, Traditional cocoa figures, fridge magnets, and much more.

Another great gift shop is located on the street Ferran, it is called Itaca. It is also a huge collection of ceramics and various goods to the memory of Barcelona. collection folding fans particularly notable.

If you are looking for more youth keepsakes, we suggest you go to the store insight Barcelona, located in Bourne. Here paradise for hipsters, fashion cards and other beautiful trinkets, who will pack nicely and with love.

Address: Carrer dels Carders, 14, 08003 Barcelona
Metro station: Jaume I
Phone: +34 933 197 992
Working hours:

art Esudelles - FROM 11 a.m. to 23-00 everyday
Itaca - from 10 a.m. to 20-30
balancing - from 11-00 to 14-00, from 17-00 to 21-00 except Sunday

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