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Self Naturista vegetarian dining is self-catering, in which you show yourself the girls behind the counter, what food you want to order. Pay attention to the color of labels, visyashtih over blyudami. Green indicates, that meal is included in the set lunch, which costs 8,50 €, and can be selected during the day. Yellow labels hang over dishes, which are paid separately. vegetarian Restaurant, but also for vegans here a large selection of delicious dishes. The complex includes a snack lunch, two dishes and a dessert, if you do not have coped, You can pick up the remains with a. Restaurant staff will give you a special plastic container.

The Self Naturista use only homemade chicken eggs, so we recommend a local Spanish omelette with potatoes, Eggplant stuffed with vegetables, Artichokes with gribami, vegetarianskuyu paэlyyu, and for dessert - orange yogurt and carrot cake. In terms of the interior is a place unremarkable, here it gives little Soviet atmosphere, hot dishes need to warm themselves in a microwave oven, salads seasoning to your taste. But the food here is really a very useful and tasty, though without any frills. You can get the complex menu at any time of the day.

Do not forget to clean behind a tray of dirty dishes in the special iron rack, standing in the back of the room. Out of the restaurant is not there, where you went, and right in the room, where there are tables.

Dsc 0182
Average check: €€
Address: Carrer de Santa Anna, 11-17
Metro station: Plaza Catalunya
Working hours: Monday to Saturday from 11: 30 until 22:00

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