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In our 1973 one of the most famous contemporary architects, Catalan Ricardo Bofill, bought an abandoned cement factory on the outskirts of Barcelona, consisting of more than 30 elevators, underground galleries and a huge engine room. He turned these picturesque ruins into his own home and into the head office of La Fabrica, where under his leadership a team of architects, designers, urbanists, graphic designers, as well as mathematicians, musicians, poets, filmmakers, philosophers, sociologists ...

“The architect must take into account the spirit of every place, his DNA. Architecture must fit the place. Therefore, through my multidisciplinary approach, I, primarily, trying to invent new projects, new styles. I want to rediscover myself. I don’t want to repeat myself or endlessly repeat certain forms ... Architecture simply has to be open to other disciplines, it cannot exist in isolation. And as all other disciplines evolve, architecture must maintain close ties with them, to develop myself. ”

The aesthetics of La Fabrica are amazing. Minimalist design gives air to a harsh industrial frame, creating an atmosphere of romantic brutalism on the verge of utopia and reality. The greenery of plants against the background of cement structures glorifies the triumph of nature. As if after the apocalypse, life returned here. Working in such an unusual place is a special honor., inspiration can be drawn in any detail. The real “monastery of architecture", as Ricardo himself calls him. “I get the impression, that I live in a closed universe, which protects me from external and everyday life. Life goes on continuously, and the difference between work and leisure is very small ”.

Despite the transformation, "Factory" to this day remains an incomplete project. Ricardo Bofill notes, that his constant evolution is similar to his own way of life and creativity. They, as in the factory, there is always room for improvement.

Bofill's portfolio includes thousands of projects in more than 50 countries. Bofill Designs Cartier and Christian Dior Offices, builds theaters and airports, but the main focus of the studio was and remains social housing. The most famous experimental projects are La Muralla Roja in Alicante (1973), and Walden-7 (Walden-7) (1975), located opposite Ricardo's workshop.

Can I get inside the Bofill workshop? It is not simple, since ordinary visitors are not allowed here, but sometimes there are visits for designers and architects. If you are lucky and you can join a similar group, Factory doors open for you.

Address: Of. of Industry, 14, Sant Just Desvern Barcelona
Phone: +34 93 499 99 00

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