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This is the most delicious and expensive Japanese restaurant in Barcelona, chef who was awarded one Michelin star. If you like sushi, sashimi and other delicacies of fresh fish and seafood, try the tasting menu of this establishment, your delight there is no limit.

of the highest quality products come under sharp knives like the Yakuza cook, who prepares all meals right in front of the open kitchen vami.Na employs nine cooks, real team of professionals, which helps her boss to create unique masterpieces of gastronomy.

Visit the restaurant Koy Shunka will travel to the land of the rising sun, It is not just a meal, and an amazing show, during which you will be able to admire the talent of local chefs and sushi masters. When booking please specify places, to put you behind the counter of cedar wood «barra de sushi», where it is most convenient to observe the almost religious cult of cooking.

Tasting menu of the restaurant has two versions - for Koy 82 € and a long menu of Gastro 128 €. We advise you not to go crazy and limit short menu, It perfectly combines all the iconic dishes of the restaurant and at the same time you do not overeat. Desserts included in the price, and drinks are not included.

You try red prawns from Palamós with cod and sake sauce, Gilardi oysters dressed with miso, sea ​​duck broth, Sashimi of red tuna fillets, Lobster soup with tofu, Wagyu beef carpaccio and many other delicious dishes. The restaurant is located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona near the Cathedral.

koy Shunka 009
Average check: €€€€
Address: street Copons, 7
Metro station: Jaume I, Urquinaona
Phone: +34 934 127 939
Working hours:

Lunch with 13-30 to 15-00, dinner with 20-30 to 23-00. Closed Monday and Sunday evening.


Book a table in advance, and try not to be late

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