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What do the Spaniards on Sunday morning? To begin with they are slowly waking up, then, leisurely, They gather for morning vermouth with friends, which often blends in with lunch. Vermouth this kreplënoe wine, spicy scented plants and spices, which in Spain is usually diluted with a pop of siphon, to tone down, and served in a glass with a slice of orange and olive.

Having tried a certain number of times this ancient tratsidiyu on itself, boldly declare, that the Spaniards are experts in leisure activities. And indeed, sitting on the sun terrace in good company, popivaâ flavored vermouth, biting is not only delicious olive, and various seafood and other delicacies, know, I wondered that day, and will continue to only get better. And how this tratsidiya hangover cures, like a hand shoots.

Restaurants in Barcelona, where it is necessary to go to the vermouth:

1) Vinita

This charming wine bar is located on the legendary street Parlament, where every week, like mushrooms after the rain, opens new trendy bars and restaurants. Vinito this wine shop and bar at the same time. Open space without doors and so attracts enter and test the contents of multiple barrels, guards are playful gray cat, the undisputed favorite of the owners.

It is always crowded, noisy and fun, the most motley crowd, and easy walking to the contact. Also home red, and serves delicious white vermouth. Seized drinks olives, anchovies and potato chips under the special sauce Espinaler. It also offers a Canape "pintxos" one euro per share. Prices on the vermouth and wine by 1,5 3 € per glass.

Address: Parliament Street, 27. Метро Poble Sec. From Tuesday to Saturday 10-00 to 14-30, afternoon with 17-30 to 00-00, Sundays from 10-00 to 15-30.

2) Jai-Ca

Chamber and very authentic restaurant by the sea in the area of ​​Barceloneta. Home vermouth and fresh seafood. Be sure to make a large fried shrimp, octopus, cuttings "Knives", squid and mussels. After vermouth advised to switch to white wine. Excellent combination of price and quality. For two you can drink and eat for less than 30 €. Be patient, the weekend will likely have to wait for a free table for half an hour. But it's worth it, no wonder many believe, it is here that prepare the most delicious and affordable tapas in Barcelona.

Address: Carrer de Ginebra, 13, метро Barceloneta. Tuesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 23-30.

3) Aunt

A tiny bar with a spacious terrace on the famous pedestrian street Blai near Poble Sec. Inside, there is almost no space, all limited to a few high chairs, bar of white marble, and a showcase for snacks. Take place on a table on the terrace, in anticipation of which start with the wine cup of local homemade vermouth for 1,90 €. Also here vermouth original selection of wines and beer crafting. Beer here is also very tasty. For breakfast make Russian salad, potato omelette and tartar of salmon.

Address: street Blas 1, Parallel метро. Tuesday to Sunday from 12-00 to 23-30.

4) Morro Fi

Excellent restaurant, to try exclusive views of the Spanish vermouth for delicious snacks and good music. The hosts Morro Phi under his own name producing a very worthy vermouth. Order fish "bokerones", these are the same anchovies, only pickled in vinegar, they are ideally combined with vermouth or beer. We also recommend the cheese soaked in oil, different kinds of olives. This spacious bar is difficult to call, There is a small terrace, but at peak times be prepared trapeznichat, standing among the crowd of the weekend hedonists.

Address: Consell de Cent 171, метро Urgell. From Monday to Thursday 18-00 to 23-00, Friday through Saturday 12-00 to 23-00, Sundays from 12-00 to 18-00.

5) Casa Mariol Wine Bar

This wine bar, store and at the same time in addition to the various cellar wines and vermouth you can taste Suau soft drink of coffee and pop, which was popular in the Ebro River Delta decades ago. In order Clotxa appetizer dish, This is the bread stuffed with sardines, Luke, tomatoes and garlic. There is also an excellent cheese and sausage platter. If you are a big company, It is wiser to order a bottle of local vermouth.

"In a good vermouth should be kept a balance between bitter and sweet taste, it should not be cloying or medically-bitter ", - Explains the owner of the house Mariola. In the third generation, he is responsible for the production of vermouth, one of the first in Spain. His grandfather founded the brand Casa Mariol in 1945. Now the company produces about 4,5 vermouth million bottles per year.

Address: Roussillon, 442. Метро Sagrada Familia. C Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 22-00, Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. to 15-00.

6) Bodega 1900

Brother of the famous Spanish chef Ferran Adrià named Albert Adria and it is also engaged in cooking. It is difficult to compete, when one is so sensational surname for two, but many believe, what Albert is the best chef of the duo. Furthermore Tickets restaurant, serving molecular tapas, he recently opened a more democratic institution Bodega 1900, where you can drink vermouth under the most refined gastronomic accompaniment. From the menu, select the suggested crispy seaweed, olives, that explode in the mouth, kroketы out Hamo, foie gras, oysters, mussels ... To be honest, safely try any dish, they are all wonderful taste.

Here is a very good service, You can trust the recommendations of the waiters. Instead of the usual for these places of high chairs and bar, in Bodega 1900 you can sit comfortably for a conventional desk. The average bill per person about 40 €.

Address: street Tamarit, 91, метро Poble Sec. From Tuesday to Saturday 13-00 to 22-00.

7) Power Bar

This traditional Spanish bar near the market district of Barceloneta was opened in 1908 , and it is a classic institution without unnecessary pathos and perfect, where patrons come to your favorite sandwich with calamari and vermouth on tap from the huge barrels. An excellent choice for a snack on the way to the beach. Anturazhnye establishment with marble tables and a fun atmosphere, jokers waiters do not let you get bored. To make vermouth crab salad, salted shrimp, potato omelette and anchovies. Local prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Address: San Carlos Street, 15, метро Barceloneta. Open from Tuesday to Sunday 8 a.m. to 15-00.

8) Taranna

Mileyshee institution at a very hipster street of Sant Antoni. Fashionable cosmopolitan youth comes here on dishes from organic products. Light salads, homemade pies, delicious soups and juices. Under vermouth schedule humus, marinovannuju semgu matter. We also recommend the sandwiches of rye bread with seeds. Very good option with brie cheese, xamonom, konfitirovannыm Loukomi and rukkuloy. The rammed nice interior and pleasant music. In the center of the room stands a large wooden table, Restaurant customers who share the. There are a couple of tables on the terrace around the entrance, but for them to increase prices 10%. But here you can spend a relaxed morning with a book, no one will say anything. Good value for money.

Address: Street Viladomat, 23, метро Poble Sec. From Tuesday to Saturday 9 a.m. until midnight, Sundays from 10 a.m. to 17-00.

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Working hours: Usually vermouth go in the morning on Saturday or Sunday. Around the 11 to 13-00.

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