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Kalsotada (calçotada) - this popular feast, which is carried out exclusively in Catalonia and is eating roasted on an open fire "kalsot" bow. Kalsot - a special kind of onion, which grows only in Catalan earth, He is somewhat reminiscent of leeks, only the size of a much larger and taste completely different. You have two options: you try kalsots and fall in love with the Catalan delicacy forever, or onion happiness is not for you.

But even they, who do not like kalsots, happy to participate in this step, because apart from the bow, on kalsotadah serves meat and homemade sausages on the grill, rustic bread with tomato, and wine at such events can be drunk through a special vessel "porron".

It is believed, that the most delicious kind of kalsots grows around Tarragona near the town of Valls (Valls). There is even a registered trademark - "Kalsot de Valls", this bow is characterized by a white color, delicate flavor and high content of vitamins and minerals. It takes place in Wals most important annual Kalsotada, which come from all over Catalonia onion connoisseurs and lovers of good food. In our 2015 , this gastronomic fiesta will be held on 25th January.

If you are in Catalonia in the winter, do not miss this unique feast - kalsotady conducted from late October to April in most traditional Spanish restaurants. Kalsots prepared on special braziers, which stoked dry vine. Lucky fried to charcoal-black state, and absorb as follows: tie Bib, right hand take the tip of the beam, elegant movement left him flay the burnt skins, Macau onions in a special nut and vegetable sauce "romesko '(12 mandatory ingredients plus a special secret each cook), throws his head back and sending the whole onion pod in your mouth. And so - until you run out of kalsots, and the whole bib will not appear in black from coal and red gravy stains.

Restaurants in Barcelona, which serves kalsotadu (from late October to early April):

Caliu de l'Eixample

The menu includes:

- Kalsots, that there is no limit, You decide, when to say "enough!"

- Salad and rustic bread with tomato

- Different kinds of grilled meat (pork, mutton, a hen, chorizo ​​sausage and butifarra), of artichoke and topped kartofely

- Homemade tiramisu for dessert and a drink

Price per person - 26,70 €

Address: улица Valencia 329, около метро Verdaguer , 7 days per week 13-00 to 16-00 and 20-00 to 00-00. It is best to book in advance by calling kalsotadu: +34 93 476 50 63

The Garden of apathy

This restaurant was opened in 1900 in upper Raval. It is located in a historic building with garden and beautiful views of the city. In our 200 meters park Güell.

In "kalsotada menu", that stands 29 € per person, It includes:

- Unlimited kalsots

- Home sausage butifarra and lamb on the grill

- Grilled vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, artichokes) and white beans

- Rustic bread with tomato

- On the Catalan cream dessert or ice cream

- Wine, water or soft drinks

- Cava and coffee

Address: улица Albert Llanas, 2, vicinity of metro Alfons X, Phone for reservations: +34 932 857 750

KALSOTADA TOUR (only from November to April)

tradition has, kalsots that you need to try the restaurants in the country, "Macias". In these old estates surrounded by nature, you will feel the true spirit of kalsotady and enjoy dinner in the open air. These restaurants are located in the suburbs and here is difficult to get there without a personal car, but you can order a tour on kalsotadu, and we are happy to take you on this holiday belly. Such a tour for a group of 2 to 6 people will cost 100 € (price does not include the cost of gasoline and toll roads, kalsotada itself too oplachitvaetsya separately).

We invite you to visit the restaurant in 40 minutes from Barcelona, which is called Masia Can Portell. cost kalsotady 36 € per person. This includes an unlimited number of kalsots, rustic bread with tomato, lamb and homemade sausages on the grill, white beans, potatoes and vegetables for garnish. Beverages: a bottle of wine for two, glass coffee, coffee and water. For dessert cream Catalana. Kalsotady take place here from mid-October to late April.

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Phone: +34 675 323 976
Working hours:

Kalsotady conducted from late October to April


We will pick you up from the hotel at a convenient time for you and go for this holiday belly

cost: 100 €

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