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End of summer in Barcelona is the smell of roasted chestnuts, the first cool nights, constant attempts to not forget an umbrella, warm blanket and marine lineup, dotted with surfers waiting for waves. Yet it is hard to believe, that there are only two months before the New Year, that already need to think about, where to celebrate Christmas and what to give gifts. The bright sun warms not in autumn, All walk-shirts, sunbathing on the beach, although it was exactly a week before Halloween and vegetable stalls in full sneer pumpkin.

Autumn evening so pleasant to wander, wrapped in a scarf, through the maze of the Old Town, admire the storefronts and slowly let go of the feeling of summer. If you walk around the Gothic Quarter, advised to turn to the street Petritxol and go to one of the oldest coffee shop for a cup of hot chocolate with churros. Although it is traditionally a treat for Madrid, Barcelona also have fans of these crunchy sticks of choux pastry, are dipped into hot chocolate.

Two legendary places share the championship in cooking incredibly delicious hot chocolate and churros baking - Granja La Pallaresa Granja Dulcinea and. Both cafes have been opened in the forties and now four generations of a sweet tooth come here for your favorite "churros con chokolate". In addition, here is a great selection of pastries, cakes and other sweet goodies. Handsome waiters in white shirts, Catalan grandparents, families with children and the magical feeling, that time has stopped here. A cup of chocolate will cost 2,5 €, and churros 1,50 €.

Besides chocolate, the street famous for its art galleries, eg, Parents или Carre Hall of Artists. Be sure to go to admire the paintings of the Catalan artists, galleries collections are constantly updated, you can find great work and if you want to buy in the private collection.

O 2
Address: street Petritxol, 2 и Street Petritxol, 2
Metro station: Liceu
Working hours:

FROM 9 a.m. to 21-00 everyday

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